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NextGen EHR & EPM can do more than replace your paper medical records and billing process. With NextGen Healthcare software, you can make your practice more efficient and improve the quality of care you provide, saving time and money. To realize these benefits, though, your practice may need more NextGen support than what is being provided. The experienced team at TempDev can help your practice get the most out of your NextGen EHR & EPM.

Here are just a few of TempDev's best-in-class NextGen support services.

NextGen Implementation and Training

Whether you are implementing NextGen EPM or EHR for the first time, switching to NextGen, or upgrading, TempDev can help. For new NextGen acquisitions and upgrades, TempDev has certified Project Management Professionals to help you stay on track and under budget. Using industry-leading tools, the Project Managers help develop timelines, project plans, risk mitigation plans, and any other tools you may need to manage your NextGen installation or upgrade successfully.

Your NextGen EPM & EHR installation or upgrade is not complete without training for your staff. Proper training is critical for success, and EPM & EHR training has been shown to improve practice efficiencyincrease satisfaction with your EHR, and reduce the risk of burnout. When you work with TempDev, your NextGen EHR training will be custom-tailored to your clinicians' process design, workflows, and needs and schedules. With training sessions developed and provided by TempDev's expert trainers, you can help ensure your NextGen EHR & EPM installation process is successful, paving the way for future cost savings and quality improvements.

Workflow Redesign for Easier NextGen Support

While switching to NextGen EHR & EPM can eliminate many of the inefficiencies of paper medical records or inefficient software, realizing these efficiency gains requires workflow redesign. A workflow is a process your practice uses to complete a task, like scheduling appointments or checking in patients. To make your practice more efficient and effective, you will need to redesign many of your workflows to maximize your NextGen EPM & EHR's potential.

TempDev's NextGen consultants can guide you through a workflow redesign process to align your clinical and business needs with your NextGen EHR & EPM's capabilities. First, you will map your current workflows and identify bottlenecks or inefficiencies. Then, you will create new workflows that align with your NextGen EPM & EHR, focusing on developing workflows that will improve your efficiency and effectiveness.

TempDev can also help experienced NextGen practices further refine workflows to reduce costs, improve quality, or mitigate pain points. Workflow redesign services can also help your practice prepare to join an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) or another alternative payment model, meet quality benchmarks, and maximize your Medicare Advantage experience.

As with NextGen implementation and upgrades, workflow redesign is not complete without training. TempDev's consultants have deep experience creating and delivering customized training sessions to help clinicians and groups adopt new processes and workflows smoothly.

NextGen Templates and Reports

Your NextGen EPM & EHR captures far more information about your patients and practice than a paper medical record. However, aggregating and tracking all that data can seem daunting. TempDev's NextGen templates and reports allow you to quickly aggregate commonly used data, letting you see key trends in your practice, your patients, or your revenue cycle. While your EHR includes some pre-made templates, most practices need to customize their templates to fit their workflows, staffing approach, and reporting needs.

TempDev has developed many NextGen templates and reports for common practice needs like patient tracking, order management, quality reporting, and audits. Each template and report is fully customizable, allowing you to focus on the metrics most important to your practice. Additionally, if your practice has specific needs that do not fit an existing template, TempDev's consultants can create custom templates and reports tailored to your exclusive needs.

Here are just a few of TempDev's template and reporting solutions to better provide NextGen support:

NextGen Dashboards

TempDev's NextGen dashboards can put a wealth of information about your practice and your patients at your fingertips and provide better NextGen support. Dashboards can help your practice track key trends and measures easily, without the need for in-house analytic capabilities. TempDev's dashboards cover critical areas like practice management, the revenue cycle, and quality, and custom dashboards are available. As with NextGen templates and reports, TempDev consultants can also develop custom dashboards to meet your practice's needs. Here are TempDev's current NextGen dashboards:

  • Practice Dashboard: Displays critical practice management measures for your practice such as outstanding labs, radiology results, eRx, PAQ items, tasks, and appointments.

  • Quality Dashboard: Evaluate performance on HEDIS, ACO, MIPS, UDS, and organization-specific measures in real-time at the provider and patient level. The Quality Dashboard allows you to identify problem areas and improve your scores before the end of the quality reporting period.

  • Revenue Cycle Dashboard: Review key revenue cycle performance indicators including over-the-counter cash collections, outstanding accounts receivable, gross charges, payments, and adjustments.

The TempDev Difference

TempDev consultants have deep experience helping clinicians and groups implement and customize NextGen EHR & EPM to meet their needs. TempDev has a broad suite of NextGen template and reporting solutions to ease your reporting burdens, improve patient outcomes, and help you save time and money. TempDev consultants can also help you optimize workflows to improve patient care and meet or exceed your performance goals.

Call us at 888.TEMP.DEV, or contact us here to realize the full potential of your NextGen EHR. 


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