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The Doctors' Dashboard

Physicians utilize the NextGen EHR Workflow Inbox to manage their patient appointments, tasks, PAQ, and Patient Portal messages on a day-to-day basis. While the NextGen EHR Workflow Inbox is a useful tool, it does not provide any additional clinically relevant patient information. TempDev designed the NextGen EHR Operations Advisor Practice Template that offers a dashboard overview of every patient with an appointment for the day. It not only enhances staff productivity but also provides a high-level overview of the patient's recent clinical history and open items. A practice is enabled to manage their day-to-day workflow tasks efficiently and also allows operations staff to view patient volumes and a total of open items easily.

Manage Your Patient Population

The EHR Operations Advisor Dashboard provides an in-depth look at vital clinical data elements that staff manage daily. It removes the need to individually access the patient's chart for chart preparation and pre-visit planning. Staff can easily access and manage open tasks for the patients for the day, rather than struggling with administrative burdens.

Having pertinent data such as the total number of open OrdersDocumentsChargesPAQ itemsPortal MessageseRx Refills, and eRx Unmatched at your fingertips allows for staff to act quickly on the information. It results in a higher quality of care and a higher ROI by providing a smoother process and holding staff accountable.

That's not all! The NextGen EHR Operations Advisor Dashboard provides a more exhaustive look with the following information:

    The NextGen EHR Operations Advisor Dashboard allows your organization to handle day-to-day tasks strategically by providing a comprehensive view of the patient's chart for all your patients.

    NextGen EHR Operations Advisor Template

    Close The Task Loop with The NextGen EHR Operations Advisor Template

    Staff often have difficulty managing or closing the loop on day-to-day tasks such as open orders, encounters without charges, eRx refills, and patient portal messages. Missing out on these potentially results in lower revenue and quality of care for patients. Having the correct tools like the NextGen EHR Operations Advisor Dashboard provides clinical staff the "sledgehammer" to break down those barriers.

    How TempDev Can Help

    Want to see how the NextGen EHR Operations Dashboard Practice Template can improve the quality of care for your organization? If you're concerned about how your practice maintains their day-to-day workflow tasks, TempDev's NextGen EHR Operations Advisor Dashboard Practice Template offers a comprehensive, engaging way to keep the day-to-day workflow for your organization running smooth. Call us for a demo at 1-888-TEMPDEV or contact us here!


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