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Patients across the country agree about one thing: they hate long wait times in the doctor's office. They may arrive on time and still find themselves waiting for an hour or more to see the provider. Sick patients find these waits to be physically exhausting, while healthy patients chafe at missing work and being near ill patients. The staff and providers then have to deal with unhappy patients. Prevent many of these extended waits by adjusting office practices, but first, you have to identify where the bottlenecks are occurring. TempDev built the Patient Tracking NextGen EHR Report so organizations can track patient flow more efficiently.

This report tracks each of your patients through every portion of their medical visit, check-in to check out. You'll be able to see where patients become "stuck" in the process, allowing you to correct the staff or provider issues. You'll get practice-wide information as well as stats for different locations and individual providers. The Patient Tracking Report will allow you to improve patient satisfaction and streamline the billing process, resulting in happier providers and staff members. Contact TempDev to see how to start decreasing visit time lengths.

NextGen Patient Tracking Report Overview

The Patient Tracking NextGen EHR Report is a clear and concise way to study patient flow once they check-in for appointments in the NextGen EPM. This Microsoft SSRS report simplifies your job by providing practice averages as well as individual provider data. You can easily see where the time problems are and work to improve the process without spending days on research that's not readily available without a custom report. This report can also easily be ported into Microsoft Power BI or other Business Intelligence software.

Patient Tracking Practice Stats

The Patient Tracking Report begins with practice-wide information. You'll see the monthly total of appointments kept followed by average times for check-ins, time with staff, time waiting for a provider, and average time spent with a provider. This data is calculated from NextGen appointment statistics and the NextGen EHR Patient Tracking template. In addition, the report includes the time elapsed before the provider completes the patient's chart by creating a document and charging for the visit. Finally, you will see the average time of the entire appointment, including charting as well as the shortest and longest visit times of that particular month.

This data allows you to assess the efficiency of the practice overall. A quick look lets you know if most of your patients are receiving timely attention once they arrive. You can also see if the time between the visit and completion of charting is appropriate. A delay there causes lags in billing and reimbursement, a serious issue in some medical practices.

Patient Tracking Provider Stats

This data lets you assess the performance of a particular provider in your system and their staff in caring for patients and completing their visits. The report is detailed for each physician's patients, providing:

  • Patient name

  • Event type

  • Check-in time from NextGen EPM Appointments

  • Time with staff

  • Time waiting for provider

  • Time with the provider

  • Check out time

  • Chart completed time

  • Total office visit time

While these are the standard workflows many organizations use to track patient flow, this report can always be easily modified to include your specific workflow.

Of course, some providers will always have longer appointment times due to the nature of their specialty. This report will allow you to compare providers in the same specialty by event type. For instance, you can compare individual cardiologists' new patient times for a more relevant correlation.

The data shows you the time spent on established patients versus new patients, an essential statistic for office efficiency. You'll also see the length of preventative visits, pre-op visits, and procedures. These specific breakdowns reveal whether too much time is elapsing while patients are with staff or waiting for the provider. Maybe one provider spends more time with their patients than others do. This attention can be a positive or negative factor depending on the patient's particular circumstances.

You will also be able to flag providers and staff who spend too little time with patients, a common issue in overbooked practices. Dissatisfied patients are never good for a practice's reputation or revenue, and you will undoubtedly read about these unpleasant office experiences on social media.

NextGen Charting Stats

Timely charting reduces your charge lag and is essential to a financially healthy practice. One of your biggest concerns is prompt billing and reimbursement, and that depends on prompt charting. Extended provider charge lag times always adversely affect practice revenues. Patients are also unhappy with these waits since they want to know their billing and insurance coverage status as soon as possible. When it takes days rather than hours to complete charts, the practice suffers.

With this report, you can spot providers who habitually take longer to complete their charts and work with them to improve. These problems may not be the result of bad practices but indicate a need for more staff. The report helps you communicate these concerns to the provider and implement a solution.

Patient Tracking NextGen EHR Report

The TempDev Advantage

The TempDev NextGen reporting experts have the practice management and EHR solutions you need to maximize patient satisfaction and revenue. They will recommend the products and services that suit your particular practice. Any size practice can become more efficient and profitable with the right technology and knowledgeable advice. Tools such as the Patient Tracking Report allow you to dive deeply into the patient routines of individual providers without spending days searching for data on your own. This report also makes it easier to discuss timely issues with providers who appreciate dealing with accurate, validated data. With our flat-rate product offerings with no ongoing maintenance cost, you know your financial outlay immediately and don't have to anticipate any future payments.

Once you find the bottlenecks, you can work to streamline processes, add more staff or offer staff remediation to improve patient appointment times. Your providers will be less rushed, and the patients and staff will also be happier when appointments do not drag out for hours. Plus, you will see a reduction in billing lag times and an improvement in your online reputation

The Patient Tracking NextGen EHR Report is just one of the tools that TempDev offers. Let their expertise make your practice management & EHR reporting tasks more manageable. Contact us by calling 888.TEMP.DEV or clicking here.


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