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Independent Physician Associations (IPAs) and Managed Services Organizations (MSOs) are tasked with coordinating administrative functions, purchasing, contract negotiation, and/or practice management across loosely affiliated physicians and groups. As an IPA or an MSO, streamlining your workflows across your independent physicians and groups is critical to your success. Here's how TempDev can help you support your NextGen EHR & EPM implementation to better serve the physicians and groups participating in your IPA or MSO.

Why Physicians and Groups Join IPAs and MSOs

IPAs allow independent physicians and small groups to band together to make large purchases, negotiate contracts with private and public health care payers, streamline practice management, and align financial incentives. Physicians and groups join IPAs to increase their leverage, improve their operations, or prepare their group to enter into pay-for-value/value-based medicine arrangements like Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs).

MSOs provide administrative support and practice management services to physicians, groups, and hospitals. MSOs are often tasked with handling back-office functions like human resources, payroll, coding and billing, and contract management. Joining or hiring an MSO allows physicians and groups to focus more on clinical care by lessening their administrative and management burdens.

Purchasing NextGen for Your IPA or MSO Is Not Enough

While many IPAs and MSOs purchase a NextGen EHR system for their participating groups, implementing NextGen EPM & EHR is not sufficient to meet your physicians' and groups' needs. Helping your physicians and groups improve practice and financial management, alleviating their administrative burdens, and facilitating their negotiations with healthcare payers requires deep familiarity with NextGen's capabilities. Your NextGen EPM or EHR may also need to be customized to meet the needs and goals of your IPA and MSO, as well as those of your participating physicians and groups.

TempDev's NextGen reportingtemplate, and customization services can help you get the most out of your NextGen EHR.

Improve NextGen Financial Management and Reporting

As an IPA or MSO, you may need to help your participating physicians and groups simplify, improve, or align their financial management and reporting. MSOs, in particular, are often tasked with performing back-office functions for their physicians or groups, including financial tasks like payroll, coding and billing, and patient collections. IPAs, in contrast, are often formed as a legal entity through which to pursue alternative payment models like ACOs or capitation arrangements. Participating in such programs may require IPAs to help their members improve their approach to financial management. Additionally, successful contract negotiation between IPAs and health care payers will require you to align financial management and financial incentives across your participating physicians and groups.

TempDev can help your IPA or MSO configure and enhance your NextGen EPM & EHR to ease financial management and reporting tasks. TempDev has experience helping IPAs or MSOs with capitation arrangements, revenue cycle optimizationaccounts receivable clean-up and reporting, and provider productivity reporting. TempDev's NextGen EHR templates, reports, and tools will help you track financial performance and alignment across your participating physicians and groups.

Get the Most Out of NextGen's EPM Tools 

Physicians and groups join IPAs and MSOs, in part, to improve practice management. Without an IPA or MSO, small groups or independent physicians can spend more time engaged in practice management tasks than providing clinical care. NextGen EPM & EHR can help your physicians and groups streamline practice management. Still, it is critical that you provide your physicians and groups with the proper NextGen tools to make practice management and charting a patient visit easy.

TempDev has NextGen templates and reports to standardize referrals and authorizations; automate order closures and integrate with claims systems and data warehouses; generate bulk documents; and handle practice and chart merges and splits. TempDev can also help you with demographics, practice management, and EHR data conversions.

Finally, TempDev can help your IPA or MSO implement and customize the Medfusion or NextGen Patient Portal. Through Medfusion or Patient Portal, patients can quickly and easily access their medical records, engage them in their care, and improve outcomes. TempDev can also help you configure your patient portal to provide online appointment scheduling, secure messaging, and prescription refill requests.

Monitor and Report NextGen EHR Quality Data in a NextGen IPA & MSO

For IPAs, physicians, or groups participating in Medicare's Quality Payment Program (QPP), HEDIS, ACO, or other pay-for-value arrangements with private health plans, monitoring and reporting quality data is critical. Proper collection, tracking, and reporting of quality data will determine your eligibility for bonus payments and positive payment adjustments. By working with TempDev to implement a NextGen EHR Template Quality Dashboard, you can give your practices and groups the tools they need to track their quality performance, quickly intervene to improve lagging quality scores, and earn quality payment adjustments and bonuses.

TempDev has NextGen templates and reports for generating Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) measures, Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) measures, and other common quality measure sets.

If your IPA or MSO assists groups participating in Medicare Advantage, TempDev can also help you optimize your NextGen EHR for diagnosis coding for the Medicare Advantage risk adjustment program.

The TempDev Difference for NextGen IPAs & MSOs

TempDev consultants have deep experience helping IPAs and MSOs better serve their physicians and groups by customizing and optimizing their NextGen EHR. For example, TempDev has developed the following NextGen solutions for IPAs and MSOs:

Call us at 888.TEMP.DEV, or contact us here to get started improving your IPA's or MSO's experience with your NextGen EHR. 


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