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Introducing TempBill NextGen RCM

Introducing TempBill NextGen RCM

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TempDev NextGen RCM Consulting Services

Today’s healthcare providers face many challenges. You can grow and be profitable only if you minimize expenses and increase reimbursement. There are many ways to do so. For example, you can reduce staffing costs by utilizing flexible NextGen RCM staffing or supply costs by managing vendors betterYou can also partner with local physicians to gain more outpatient cases.

Another more practical way is to engage TempDev consultants to handle NextGen practice management (EPM), electronic health records (EHR), and revenue cycle management (RCM). You also have available to you many of our proprietary practice management tools for making NextGen RCM functions easier.

Financial Services and Practice Management

If you have well-trained staff, efficient revenue cycle processes and well-coordinated workflows, your practice would be easy to manage. It would also experience an increase in revenues and a decrease in bad debt write-offs.

TempDev’s financial services can help you review your revenue cycle and ensure that it is accurate, timely, and efficient. Using industry leading tools, our experienced consultants help keep your projects on track and under budget. 

TempDev customizes and incorporates your NextGen RCM process design and workflows. We optimize your NextGen practice management system to help you handle administrative and financial duties. We also help train your employees to be well-versed in all tasks related to the medical practice. 

Overall, we help you streamline financial and clinical processes through advanced system configuration, best practices training, and workflow redesign recommendations. 

Billing in Healthcare Settings

In healthcare settings, revenue cycle management (RCM) means managing payments received, claims processing, and revenue generation. A robust billing process is essential to effectively manage the revenue cycle. 

The entire revenue cycle process includes basic accounting procedures, such as determining patient eligibility, ensuring accurate coding, claims tracking, collecting all payments, and following through on denied claims.

Moreover, the complex ICD-10 coding system, increasing healthcare costs, mandatory EHR implementation for reimbursement, and multiple payers make billing a complex process that poses significant challenges.

TempBill RCM Consulting Services

Medical billing and coding require skilled professionals who can quickly understand, record, and track medical information while maintaining patient confidentiality. TempDev’s RCM consultants ensure accurate and compliant billing, thereby protecting your institution’s finances and your patients’ health and privacy. We also offer flat rate billers who are expertly trained in NextGen EPM and can step in to help you clear a backlog or augment your staff who may have other priorities.

During billing, errors or cases that need special attention may cause unexpected problems. TempBill helps you avoid such surprises by offering on-time billing and collections. You can use our flat-rate monthly billers to assist with payment posting, claims and statement management, accounts receivables (AR), and denial management. 

If you opt for the Flat Rate Biller commitment for three months, you will get our free NextGen EPM Revenue Cycle Dashboard SSRS Report. With our Revenue Cycle Dashboard, you can view scorecards that identify revenue cycle key performance indicators (KPI), such as collections, outstanding AR, payments, and adjustments. 

We have also included revenue cycle optimization and enterprise performance management (EPM) reporting under TempBill services. Revenue cycle optimization provides you with guidance and healthcare consulting. This enables you to automate and streamline even the most tedious aspects of managing denials, improving cash flow, and reducing AR issues.

EPM reporting helps increase productivity, identify trends, and track financial performance with our proprietary reporting tools. We also offer practice management assessments that helps you understand your practice’s financial health. 

TempBill Achievements

The following are some of our achievements in NextGen RCM billing:

    The clinical aspects of a medical facility are quite difficult to manage. Financial responsibilities can be an added burden. TempDev’s financial consulting services can help you shoulder this with ease, as we are experienced enough to deal with all issues—both mundane and unexpected.


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