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How Doing NextGen Data Conversions Can Help Your Organization

How Doing NextGen Data Conversions Can Help Your Organization

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NextGen Data Conversions

Businesses are currently growing at an exponential rate through new hires, mergers, and acquisitions, and this can only mean one thing; the amount of disparate patient data living in multiple systems is also on the increase. This increase calls for careful data management and documentation. So what better way to do this than through a data conversion to have all required data in the same computer system? Through a TempDev NextGen data conversion, healthcare organizations can easily systemize their financial and clinical data. We normalize and scrub the data into the standard NextGen format so that it is easily viewed within the application. By importing data into NextGen EPM & EHR from another EPM, EHR, or other systems, it makes it much easier for physicians and staff to use the data within their standard workflow. 

The Benefits of a NextGen Data Conversion

As much as the current digital dispensation has made it possible for clinics to run efficiently, there is the challenge of format compatibility. This is especially so when it comes to the conversion of data from one EPM & EHR to another. With NextGen data conversions, healthcare organizations are bound to benefit in multiple ways.

Consolidating Legacy Systems 

In healthcare, a patient's data is paramount, and a physician cannot afford to have all pertinent data in the same place. Healthcare facilities have an obligation to keep these records as accurate as possible since it assists them in making sound medical decisions regarding their patients. Through data conversions into or out of NextGen with TempDev, a healthcare system can easily consolidate multiple systems into one and improve accuracy and often reduce licensing and maintenance fees. With less dependence on disparate data in various databases, lost vital data will be a thing of the past.

Improve Quality Data

Data conversions allow organizations to use their data more effectively to improve quality scores. As soon as the disparate data is imported into the database in the new format, all the vital data can be easily used to enhance the quality of patient care. It also allows you to track visits, labs, diagnostics, referrals, medications, allergies, chart notes, and other vital data from a single source for any software you are using to improve quality scores.

Eliminate Duplicate Information

When combining data from multiple systems, many times, you end up with duplicate data across your enterprise. It's essential to choose a partner that understands how difficult it is for physicians to parse through duplicate data. Duplicate data can cause confusion and even multiple charts to comb through. An experienced data conversion partner will work with you to develop duplicating reduction strategies, so you have as clean of a patient chart as possible. TempDev performs NextGen data conversions to eliminate and prevent such redundant and unusable information from the database.

Advanced Presentation and Sharing of Information

Once a NextGen data conversion is complete, users of the information can quickly and conveniently access it. In addition to this, it becomes much easier to record and retain accurate information. This leads to improved efficiency as the staff can get access to all the data available for a patient. 

Since interoperability is now a significant part of using an EHR, accuracy is paramount in sharing information with other healthcare organizations. A complete CCDA and patient chart to send to patients, hospitals, referring physicians, or consulting physicians is vital in delivering a high quality integrated care.

Standardizing Processes

With the current atmosphere of rapid growth through private equity, mergers, and acquisitions, data conversion onto a single platform offers flexibility and structure when combining organizations. NextGen data conversion can process large data volumes from multiple systems into a single database for all practices. The unified data is useful for administrators of these larger organizations to maintain quality and process across various practices. 

Reduce Maintenance Costs

A thoughtful and well-organized NextGen data conversion is also a chance for businesses to reduce operational costs by reducing the need to maintain redundant applications. By eliminating duplicate systems, organizations can decrease staffing, maintenance, and licensing fees associated with maintaining the various systems.

Outsourcing NextGen Data Conversions

Even though data conversion can be done in-house by experienced staff, it often makes more sense to outsource them:

  1. Often times with data conversions due to acquisitions, there is little advanced notice given, and the internal team usually has competing priorities.

  2. Many organizations do not have the staff that has worked with the back-end databases of different Practice Management & EHR systems. Bringing in a consulting group to do the conversion allows you to have the experience on your team that often isn't found with staff.

  3. Outsourcing NextGen data conversion also makes it possible for businesses to get access to unique capabilities that may not otherwise be found internally. With this, a company benefits from external brains and expertise without over-extending themselves.

Are you looking to improve the experience and usability of your system with a NextGen data conversion? TempDev is here to take you through the process regardless of if it is for your EHR or EPM data. Having worked with various EHR & EPM databases over time, our experience is unmatched in developing, scrubbing, normalizing, validating, and migrating such data. Call us to discuss your next data conversion at 1-888-TEMPDEV or contact us here!


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