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NextGen PCMH: What's the ROI?

NextGen PCMH: What's the ROI?

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The Return on Investment for NextGen PCMH Certification - and How TempDev Can Help

If you're like a lot of practices around the country, you've been investigating various quality initiatives to partake it. Participating in Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) recognition may be intriguing to your organization. If you are an organization that is using NextGen EHR, you may be wondering how it can assist in helping you certify for PCMH.

Developed by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), the PCMH Recognition program is - according to the NCQA website - the "most widely adopted PCMH evaluation program in the country." The NCQA program also displays plenty of research that shows that the PCMH supports what is referred to as the Triple Aim in healthcare:

  • Improving Quality

  • Reducing Costs

  • Providing a Better Patient Experience

The significant recent development in the world of PCMH? Before, there was no quantifiable way to show the Return on Investment, or ROI, for beginning PCMH Certification for your practice. That's no longer the case. Take a look at this interesting whitepaper developed by the respected actuarial service Millman, and commissioned by the NCQA. In the whitepaper, Millman developed a hypothetical health care practice and calculated the impact PCMH would have on the business.

Their results? A 2%-20% increase in revenue and a positive ROI all the way around. Now, of course, this is just a hypothetical model - and not all practices will fall into that spectrum, on one end or another. However, for the first time, we can see just how vital and beneficial PCMH implementation is for a practice through true and vetted numbers. In fact, that whitepaper even includes some helpful guidance you can apply to your practice to start thinking about those hypotheticals.

So, now that we've seen that PCMH can provide a true return on your investment through certification, let's talk about the next step: how can your practice achieve that coveted certification status?

NextGen PCMH Reporting

NextGen Healthcare offers a comprehensive and robust reporting solution that you absolutely should be utilizing for NextGen PCMH certification. The NextGen KBM or ACE provides all the clinical content you need for certification. Contacting your NextGen Account Manager to obtain these reports and your letter is a great first step in the process.

These NextGen PCMH reports will assist with allowing you to capture in all the competencies needed for 2017 PCMH certification, including:

  • Team-Based Care and Practice Organization(TC)

  • Knowing and Managing your Patients (KM)

  • Patient-Centered  Access and Continuity (AC)

  • Care Management and Support (CM)

  • Care Coordination and Care Transitions (CC)

  • Performance Measurement and Quality Improvement (QI)

How TempDev Can Help Your Practice Get PCMH Certification with NextGen

Here's the good news - TempDev is ready to help your practice obtain the improvements you may need for PCMH Certification utilizing NextGen EHR & NextGen EPM! With the trusted assistance of the consultants at TempDev, you can get the advice, skills, development, and training you need to help secure this valuable piece of certification for your practice.

We have a NextGen PCMH consulting team dedicated to assisting you with certification and attestation. Here's what we offer:

  • PCMH Certified Content Experts (CCEs) – Develop a relationship with a certified consultant who has demonstrated a comprehensive knowledge of PCMH and NCQA concepts. This TempDev resource will advise your practice on any of the PCMH improvements needed within your organization.

  • PCMH Workflow Expertise – Working closely with your staff, the experts at TempDev can align business and clinical requirements through system configuration, workflow re-engineering, and training. TempDev can perform an in-depth, NextGen PCMH assessment of your organization and provide valuable advice on optimizing workflows. We'll figure out how to streamline the daily routine for your entire staff, from decreasing clicks to decreasing steps.

  • PCMH Quality Management Assistance – Is your staff stretched too thin that you don’t have time to monitor your performance closely? Are you missing out on PCMH performance improvements? Don't miss out on this valuable opportunity to improve your quality scores! TempDev will ensure that your quality initiatives are monitored, reports are managed, and timely feedback is provided to your clinical staff.

  • Business Intelligence – Is your practice running a multitude of reports to try to find gaps in care for your patient population? Work with TempDev to implement a Business Intelligence (BI) solution to assist with analyzing your patient population. It will also provide insightful trends and executive-level dashboards.

  • Quality Dashboard – Utilize the TempDev Quality Dashboard to display status on PCMH measures at the point of care.

Ready to see how we can help your organization get PCMH certification? Call us for a demo at 1-888-TEMPDEV or contact us here!


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