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How to Make Your NextGen EHR Reports Work for Your Practice

How to Make Your NextGen EHR Reports Work for Your Practice

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Your NextGen EHR stores a wealth of data about your practice. NextGen EHR Reports help you access that data to support decision-making and practice improvement. While NextGen has several reports built-in, many practices also need custom reports. TempDev’s NextGen Reports and customization services can help you get more out of your EHR and EPM.

Here are just some of the ways you can make NextGen EHR Reports work for your practice.

Customize Your NextGen EHR Reports with TempDev

Custom NextGen EHR Reports from TempDev can help your practice run more smoothly. TempDev has pre-built reports for common needs like Patient Tracking and Appointment Analysis. Each report can be customized to suit your specific workflows. TempDev can also partner with you to develop reports to help you track the KPIs, metrics, and processes most important to your organization.

TempDev’s customizable NextGen Reports can help you with patient and practice tracking, EHR audits, provider and appointment tracking, coding and revenue, and EPM audits. These reports provide fast, easy access to your EHR and EPM data. Armed with this data, you can improve efficiency, reduce errors, and increase patient satisfaction.

Patient and Practice Tracking Reports

TempDev has developed three NextGen reports to aggregate and display patient and practice data from your EHR. The Patient Tracking Report lets you see how patients flow through your office from check-in to check-out. You can analyze wait times, find bottlenecks, and drill down to specific locations, providers, and patients. Long wait times reduce patient satisfaction. With data from the Patient Tracking Report, you can adjust patient scheduling to reduce wait times and ease provider burdens.

Patient Tracking NextGen EHR Report

The Open Orders NextGen Report shows all your practice’s open orders in one place. This includes all lab, radiology, immunization, injection, referral, and diagnostic orders in NextGen EHR. Without opening patient charts, you can find open orders and ensure they get completed and billed.

NextGen EHR Report Open Orders

TempDev’s Practice Dashboard Report summarizes key practice metrics in one place, helping keep you on track. The Dashboard shows appointments kept and missed, outstanding labs, e-prescribing, PAQ items, and tasks for a date range you specify. The Practice Dashboard Report can be customized to track your key performance indicators.

NextGen EHR EPM Practice Dashboard

Provider and Appointment Reports

TempDev’s NextGen EPM Reports extract information from your EPM to give you insight into your providers’ workflows. The Provider Executive Summary Report gives an overview of provider revenue behaviors. This includes CPT codes billed, payer mix, and accounts receivable aging. You can also see each providers’ top ten procedures, appointment statistics, and RVUs.

NextGen EPM Report Provider Executive Summary

The Appointment Analysis Report can help you see appointment cancellation patterns by day, as well as no-show rates. You can also see a summary of visit types by day. This report also compares current patterns to previous months or years, helping you see improvements or potential problems in your appointment flow.

Coding and Revenue Reports

Your NextGen EHR and EPM can save you time and money by reducing coding and billing burdens. TempDev has developed two reports to give you an overview of coding patterns and your revenue cycle. The E&M Coding Analysis Report can help you stay on track of provider coding patterns. The report shows E&M complexity coding habits for each provider. It also compares provider E&M coding behavior to your NextGen EHR’s calculated code and helps you identify which codes were billed. 

NextGen EPM E&M Coding Report

The Revenue Cycle Dashboard Report gives you access to key revenue cycle metrics in one place. Keep track of cash collections and outstanding accounts receivable while also viewing gross charges, payments, and adjustments. This Dashboard Report can help improve your financial performance by alerting you to revenue cycle issues before they cause major disruptions.

TempDev Revevnue Cycle Dashboard NextGen EPM

Audit NextGen EHR Reports

With TempDev’s NextGen EHR and EPM Audit Reports, you can automatically track audit items to reduce errors, limit lost orders, streamline front desk operations, and bill quickly and accurately. TempDev has developed these Audit Reports to help keep your practice on track. 

    The TempDev Difference

    TempDev’s consultants and developers are experts in NextGen EHR and EPM Reports. TempDev has helped hundreds of ambulatory practices customize their NextGen system to meet their needs. Call us today to schedule a live demo of our reports or meet with one of our team members to discuss your reporting needs.

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