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6 Benefits of NextGen EHR and EPM

6 Benefits of NextGen EHR and EPM

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The NextGen EHR (Electronic Health Record) and EPM (Enterprise Practice Management) systems are designed with ambulatory practices in mind. While most practices have already installed an EMR or EHR, as many one-third of practices report that their current EHR does not meet their needs. If you are one of the nearly one-in-three organizations considering a change in EHR vendors, take a look at NextGen. Here are six benefits of NextGen EHR and EPM.

Intuitive Clinical Workflows

NextGen EHR and EPM software is designed specifically for ambulatory practices. Whether you are a solo practice or a large multi-specialty group, the benefit of NextGen EHR is that it has the built-in clinical workflows to meet your needs. These workflows help you document visits, track orders, reduce paperwork, and get reimbursed.

When you implement a new EHR, you may need a workflow redesign to better incorporate your process. But, implementing your new EHR should not turn your practice upside down. NextGen's workflows are intuitive and user-friendly. They are designed to align with your clinical and business needs. These workflows help providers enter the right data at the right time without unnecessary duplication. NextGen's intuitive clinical workflows help you generate accurate records while reducing physician burnout and increasing system satisfaction.

With an integrated NextGen EHR and EPM, you can seamlessly manage appointments, documentation, orders, data sharing, claims, and billing all in one place. You can get your system up and running quickly with built-in workflows and tools, or customize your system to fit your unique needs. Each NextGen upgrade includes more built-in tools to serve more organizations. For example, TempDev and NextGen recently partnered to add built-in enhanced family planning content for Planned Parenthood clinics, Federally Qualified Health Centers, and OBGyn offices.

Reporting and Analytics

An EMR or EHR can do far more for your practices than paper charts. The data gathered in EHRs is far more comprehensive and accessible than handwritten notes and paper lab results. But, to access this wealth of data, you need to be able to aggregate and analyze it. NextGen's reporting and analytic functions help you see data about your practice, patients, and finances in real-time. You can spot trends, identify problems early, keep your workflows on track. TempDev's add-on NextGen reporting capabilities allows you even more insight into your data.

NextGen also supports quality reporting for programs like the Medicare Quality Payment Program (QPP)Accountable Care Organizations, and more. You can track your quality measures to see your performance during the year and address and weaknesses. You can also reduce your reporting burden by automatically generating quality measures from your EHR data with NextGen HQM. NextGen EHR can help you both generate and improve your quality scores, thereby increasing your revenue and improving patient care.

Improve Efficiency and Reduce Errors

An integrated NextGen EHR and EPM can help make your practice more efficient and effective. Built-in tools can show you problem areas in patient through-put or flag potential errors in real-time. Your NextGen system can also help you track orders and results and aid patient communication.

When you see a large number of patients every day, errors can happen. Your NextGen EHR helps you prevent costly and dangerous errors. For example, NextGen flags drug interactions, dosing problems, and patient allergies during prescribing. With built-in e-prescribing functionality, you can also eliminate miscommunications with the pharmacy caused by illegible handwriting. NextGen can also alert providers to missing visit documentation or diagnoses. These tools help ensure complete coding and reduce claims denials and billing errors. NextGen also includes Clinical Decision Support Tools to help providers make accurate diagnoses and adhere to guidelines-based care. These tools can save you time and money by improving patient care and speeding reimbursement.

Finances and Billing

NextGen EHR and EPM is your one-stop solution for your practice. You can manage the full lifecycle of patient visits from scheduling to billing and reimbursement all in one place. Using built-in reporting and analytics capabilities, you can track key financial metrics to help your business run more smoothly. NextGen simplifies billing and financial management from flagging potential coding errors to helping you track outstanding accounts receivable, helping to make your practice more efficient.

Data Sharing and Interoperability

Your NextGen EHR and EPM lets you share data across sites or with partners seamlessly and instantly. You can make electronic referral requests, share lab results with other providers, share results and treatment plans with patients, and ensure patient charts' completeness. Cross-provider data sharing is crucial for integrating, coordinating, and managing care. By sharing data with patients, you can help them self-manage chronic conditions and engage in their care.

Another benefit of NextGen EHR is that it interfaces with multiple other EHR and healthcare data systems. This interoperability helps you collaborate with hospitals and other care providers who do not use NextGen. You can receive data from non-NextGen providers to ensure a complete medical history, or transmit data to help manage patient care.

Customizable to Meet Your Needs

While NextGen includes many built-in tools and functionalities to help you get started quickly, many practices also need to customize their EHR to fit their clinical workflows and business needs better. The NextGen EHR and EPM system is fully customizable to your unique needs.

Third parties like TempDev offer NextGen consulting services, development support, and project management services to help you perfect your NextGen system. TempDev has developed numerous customizable templates, reports, dashboards, and other tools to meet any type of practice's needs. Here are just a few of the many types of organizations that have improved their benefits of NextGen EHR experience with TempDev's services:

    How TempDev Can Help

    TempDev's offers best in class NextGen support. Our consultants and developers have the NextGen EPM and EHR expertise you need to customize your EHR. From implementation and upgrades to workflow redesign and custom templates, TempDev can help you get the most out of your NextGen EHR.

    Call us at 888.TEMP.DEV or contact us here to get started making your NextGen EPM and EHR fit your practice.


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