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Your NextGen Enterprise Practice Management (EPM) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems can help you streamline workflows, improve efficiency, and manage reporting requirements at your Planned Parenthood affiliate. In April 2020, NextGen Healthcare released its 5.9.2020.1 upgrade, which included enhanced Family Planning content for Planned Parenthood clinics, Federally Qualified Health Centers, and OBGyn offices. This upgrade included even more clinical content for Planned Parenthood in the native NextGen Adaptive Content Engine (ACE), formerly called the Knowledge Base Model (KBM).

TempDev helped NextGen and their Planned Parenthood partners create this upgrade to the EPM and EHR family planning content. It is now easier than ever for you to get the most out of your NextGen EHR. Many of your clinic's workflows are now built into the NextGen KBM/ACE out of the box, saving you from creating large numbers of custom templates and tools. If you are considering upgrading to NextGen's latest version, or if you simply need help getting the most out of your current system, TempDev's consultants can help.

Here's how TempDev helps Planned Parenthood clinics optimize their NextGen EPM and EHR systems.

Getting the Most Out of Your NextGen EPM & EHR

Planned Parenthood clinics do not have the same NextGen EHR and EPM needs as general medical clinics. First, your clinics face different legislative & reporting requirements than general medical clinics, including, in many years, Family Planning Annual Reports (FPAR) and Title X reporting. Additionally, your clinics directly dispense medication to patients, have rigorous follow-up plans, provide extensive patient education, and frequently need to communicate with unaffiliated providers. TempDev can help you upgrade or optimize your NextGen EPM and EHR to reduce the total cost of ownership, improve your clinic's efficiency, ease reporting burdens, and save you time. TempDev has previously helped Planned Parenthood affiliates clinics meet PPFA audit requirements, create dashboards, reports, templates, and documents. TempDev's consultants can also handle your NextGen KBM/ACE® data conversion and your data clean-up needs.

Dashboards and Reports

TempDev's Nextgen EHR and EPM dashboard reports bring together data from across your systems so you can quickly see Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your clinic, patients, and providers. TempDev's KPI dashboards and reports let you see real-time information on the KPIs most important to your clinic, all in one place. By implementing and regularly reviewing a KPI dashboard, you can increase productivity in your clinic. You can also spot bottlenecks and inefficiencies as they arise, preventing larger problems from developing in the future.

TempDev has also developed FPAR and Title X reporting tools for your NextGen EHR and EPM. In periods when Planned Parenthood clinics are accepting Title X funds, these reporting tools can ease your regulatory burdens. TempDev's tools can help reduce the time your clinic spends creating and reviewing FPAR and Title X reports, freeing you to focus on patient care.

In addition to our NextGen dashboards, we have also helped many Planned Parenthoods implement a NextGen business intelligence solution with Power BI. This allows you additional insight into visit types, lines of service, collections, and screening lab tests.

NextGen EHR Templates and Documents

With templates for your NextGen EHR and EPM, you can complete routine tasks more quickly or retrieve and review data more efficiently. TempDev has worked with Planned Parenthood clinics to develop several templates to simplify and streamline clinic workflows. These include, for example, lab templates to order, document, and review results of laboratory tests. TempDev has also worked with clinics to develop research templates and reports for their NextGen EHR software.

Patient education is a critical function of Planned Parenthood clinics, but locating and providing the right educational materials and the right time can be challenging for providers. TempDev has worked with clinics to create patient education templates and documents in their NextGen EHR and EPM systems. This approach puts patient education materials right at your providers' fingertips, improving outcomes, saving time, and increasing patient satisfaction with their care. TempDev has also assisted with configuring NextGen templates and documents for patient follow-up plans. These templates make it easy to create and share follow-up plans, which can help improve the quality of care patients receive.

Finally, billing practices differ across clinics because of differences in state Medicaid programs. TempDev can help your clinic integrate your medication dispensing and billing workflows into your NextGen EHR and EPM. By properly configuring NextGen to your specific billing requirements, you can improve the accuracy of your billing practices and the efficiency of your medication dispensing operations.

NextGen Planned Parenthood Data Conversions and Clean-Up

With help from TempDev and partner clinics, NextGen has incorporated many Planned Parenthood clinical workflows into the latest version of the NextGen KBM/ACE. This means you will no longer need to significantly customize your NextGen EPM and EHR to meet your business and clinical needs. Many of Planned Parenthood's clinical workflows are now in NextGen EHR out of the box. However, to take advantage of this new option, you will need to upgrade your clinic to the latest version of the NextGen EHR and EPM. As with any upgrade, this process will require support to ensure your data and workflows are converted properly. TempDev can support your clinic through the data conversion process so that you can take full advantage of the benefits of the latest version of the NextGen and move off custom content.

TempDev can also help clean up your NextGen SIM library that was needed for previous ways of reporting. TempDev can help streamline your SIM library to ease your coding and billing processes.

NextGen Planned Parenthood Training

Successfully moving from completely custom content sets to out-of-the-box NextGen requires a thoughtful examination of your workflows. NextGen workflow analysis includes looking at your existing processes and re-mapping them as needed to the new templates. Once that mapping has occurred, a custom-tailored training curriculum can be developed effectively. This curriculum must be focused on teaching physicians and staff how to use native NextGen to accomplish their needs for every visit type. It should also be focused on how to quickly onboard physicians and nursing staff as needed. TempDev is the partner who has helped Planned Parenthood affiliates successfully navigate the upgrade and training process.

The TempDev Difference

TempDev consultants provide best-in-class NextGen support. They have deep experience helping Planned Parenthood clinics customize their NextGen EPM and EHR to fit their business and clinical needs. For example, TempDev has completed the following projects for Planned Parenthood clients:

  • KPI Reporting & Dashboards

  • FPAR Reports

  • Data Conversions to Native NextGen KBM/ACE

  • SIM library clean-up

  • Lab Templates & Results

  • Medication Dispensing & Billing

  • Follow-up Plan Configuration

  • Patient Education Templates & Documents

  • Research Templates & Reports

  • Title X Reports

Call us at 888.TEMP.DEV or contact us here to get started improving your clinic's experience with your NextGen EHR and EPM.



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