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Community Health Centers (CHC) and Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) provide primary care and other health services in underserved areas for a sliding scale fee. NextGen FQHC & CHC clients are unique among health care providers. They face different billing challenges, reporting requirements, patient populations, service mix, and payment structures. With TempDev's help, you can configure & customize your NextGen EPM & EHR to better support your mission. 

FQHCs Provide a Broad Suite of Services

FQHCs serve a more complex patient population than stand-alone physician offices. FQHCs also provide a broader array of services than many primary care practices. For example, many FQHCs offer behavioral health, substance use disorder treatment, and dental care. As an FQHC, you may need NextGen EHR customized for your services, reporting requirements, and productivity goals. TempDev can help you customize your NextGen EHR to fit the needs of your FQHC. TempDev can also provide robust NextGen reporting solutions needed for successfully managing an FQHC.

TempDev's NextGen Consulting Services Can Help FQHCs

TempDev has deep experience helping FQHCs implement, customize, and navigate NextGen EPM & EHR. With TempDev's help, your FQHC can:

  • Create NextGen templates and reports to speed up documentation for common FQHC services

  • Ease reporting burdens

  • Track and improve productivity and efficiency

  • Provide seamless case management and patient education

NextGen Templates and Reports for FQHC Services

While NextGen EHR has primary care management tools built-in, an FQHC's needs extend beyond standard primary care. TempDev has helped FQHCs create templates and reports to better manage behavioral health care, dental care, HIV care, and medication dispensing and billing. These customized templates and reports can help your FQHC enter, track, and manage common visits and tasks in your EHR, saving your physicians and staff time.

TempDev's Behavioral Health template improvements can help your FQHC track and document behavioral health screenings, counseling sessions, and treatment plans. Additionally, the Suboxone Clinic templates allow you to administer, bill, and document suboxone injections efficiently in a patient's chart. 

TempDev has also developed various solutions for FQHCs providing dental care. One example we've built for a client is a set of oral health screening templates and reports. These allow your staff to easily enter, track, and report on oral health screenings provided at your FQHC or externally. Using this template allows for quality improvement reporting and grant reimbursements. 

Customized templates from TempDev can also help you manage visits and reporting for the Ryan White program. From HIV medication to support services, Ryan White Templates and Reports can help you improve care and documentation for Ryan White eligible HIV patients.

Finally, TempDev can also help your FQHC integrate medication dispensing and billing workflows into your NextGen EHR.

NextGen Quality Reporting for FQHCs

FQHCs face many reporting requirements. Fulfilling these requirements can be time-consuming and inefficient if you have to aggregate data from NextGen EHR manually. TempDev can help your FQHC improve & automate UDS, HEDIS, and Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) quality reporting. Using TempDev's NextGen templates and reports, you can also track your progress toward meeting quality metrics. Regular tracking of quality metrics can help your FQHC quickly identify areas for improvement.

TempDev has developed the following NextGen templates and reports to support FQHC quality reporting:

  • Uniform Data System (UDS) Templates

  • HEDIS Templates and Reports

  • PCMH Quality Templates

TempDev's NextGen Quality Dashboard puts quality metrics at your fingertips, helping you improve the quality of care you provide to your patients. The Dashboard is fully customizable to your FQHC's needs. With TempDev's NextGen Quality Dashboard, you can track the measures most important to your patients, providers, and payers.

Productivity, Efficiency, and Audit Support for FQHCs

NextGen EHR can improve your FQHC's productivity and efficiency when implemented and customized correctly. TempDev can help you use your EHR to identify bottlenecks, redesign workflows, and improve documentation and billing accuracy. Specifically, TempDev has helped FQHCs increase productivity and efficiency through:

TempDev can also help with more technical EHR needs like audit support and data conversions. For example, TempDev built a Peer Review Audit Report template to streamline an FQHC's peer review program. Additionally, TempDev consultants have deep experience supporting i2i® Data Conversions.

Case Management and Patient Education for FQHCs

FQHCs serve patients with complex medical and socioeconomic needs. Case management and patient education are critical to your FQHC's success. TempDev has worked with clients to build comprehensive Case Management templates, documents, and reports. They help quickly track, manage, and share information about patients across multiple providers and case managers.  

We have also built Patient Education templates and documents for an FQHC to seamlessly provide & track custom patient education materials. Your NextGen EHR can host a library of educational materials for easy access. Patient Education templates and documents can help you provide the right materials and the right time. TempDev's templates and documents will also ensure that patient education materials are documented, helping you track receipt of materials across condition groups, providers, and clinic sites.

The TempDev Difference

TempDev's consultants are the EHR & EPM experts for NextGen support. They have deep experiencing helping FQHCs implement, customize, and navigate their NextGen EHR & EPM systems. Here are some of the projects TempDev consultants have completed for FQHCs:

  • Behavioral Health Templates

  • Suboxone Clinic Templates

  • Oral Health Screening Templates & Reports

  • Ryan White Templates & Reports

  • Medication Dispensing & Billing

  • UDS Templates & Reports

  • HEDIS Quality Measures Templates & Reports

  • Provider Productivity Assessment & Re-implementation

  • Provider & Staff Efficiency Reports

  • Peer Review Audit Reports

  • i2i® Data Conversions

  • Case Management Templates, Documents & Reports

  • Patient Education Templates & Documents

Call us at 888.TEMP.DEV, or contact us here to get started improving your FQHC's experience with NextGen EHR & EPM. 


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