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6 Benefits of NextGen EHR Family Planning Templates

6 Benefits of NextGen EHR Family Planning Templates

Family Planning Speciality Templates can help your Planned Parenthood Clinic, OBGyn practice, or Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) get more from your NextGen EHR. These templates streamline your workflows so your providers can spend more time on patient care. Family Planning Templates can also reduce reporting burdens, improve the patient experience, and keep your practice on track.

The NextGen EHR 5.9.2020.1 upgrade included updated family planning content. NextGen and TempDev designed these templates to better serve Planned Parenthood Clinics, OBGyn practices, FQHCs. Family planning groups should be able to use these tools out-of-the-box, with minimal customizations, to save both time and money.

Here are six benefits of Family Planning Templates and why you should no longer be using custom template sets. 

Family Planning Templates Streamline Your Workflows

Your family planning clinic has different workflows than general medical clinics. You may dispense medication directly to patients or provide more patient education than in a typical office visit. Family planning clinics also have different reporting requirements, including the Family Planning Annual Report and Title X reports.

The standard NextGen EHR templates and tools are designed for ambulatory medical clinics. The NextGen EHR upgraded template sets help to make NextGen EHR work seamlessly for family planning clinics. These templates can help you create streamlined workflows for patient visits, medication dispensing, patient education, and follow-up care.

Your NextGen EHR now includes the capability to provide custom patient education content. The Patient Education Module automatically suggests patient education literature based on data entered during the visit. This includes diagnosis, procedure codes, medications, and symptoms. With this module, you can integrate patient education materials into your visit workflow, ensuring every patient receives the right materials at the right time. It is able to be modified with the ability to upload PPFA-approved patient education documents.

NextGen has also created templates to help family planning clinics streamline their workflows. These include:

    These templates give your providers ready access to the templates they need to accurately chart a visit and provide exceptional patient care while simplifying patient follow-up. You can also streamline your billing processes for clinic visits and dispensed medication.

    Family Planning Templates Reduce Reporting Burdens

    TempDev has a wealth of dashboards and reports to help your clinic meet family planning operational requirements. The benefits of Family Planning templates are that they can assist you in generating the Family Planning Annual Report and Title X reports. These templates aggregate relevant data from your NextGen EHR automatically. You can utilize NextGen's updated Title X reports in Microsoft SSRS. By taking advantage of the data stored in your EHR and built into your regular workflows, these reports will save you time. This frees your staff to focus on patient care rather than reporting requirements.

    The Title X reports can also help you track your progress throughout the year before you must submit end-of-year reports. With NextGen's Family Planning Templates, you can track your clinic’s progress on providing quality care and shore up any weaknesses before annual reports are due.

    Family Planning Templates Improve the Patient Experience

    NextGen’s built-in family planning content can help your clinic improve the patient experience. Family planning intake templates gather family planning history from patients quickly and confidentially. Your NextGen EHR also includes gender-neutral documentation options that allow access to templates regardless of birth sex for transgender care. This helps providers access the appropriate EHR tools for each patient with no time-consuming workarounds.

    Family Planning Templates also give patients easy access to targeted educational materials and follow-up management plans. Within your NextGen EHR, providers can select the materials most appropriate to each patient and print them during the visit, saving time. You can include your practice's custom Patient Education Material, including PPFA-approved documents. This approach also ensures that patients receive the right information at the right time, improving patient satisfaction and outcomes.

    Family Planning Templates Help You Stay on Upgrade Path

    By migrating and utilizing the NextGen EHR Family Planning Templates that come out-of-the-box, you can easily remain on the upgrade path. With regulations consistently being released, it is more important than ever to be on the latest versions of NextGen so you can remain compliant. Over the past few years, Nextgen has been expanding its portfolio of product offerings but if you remain on older versions you often can't take advantage of these. By using the Family Planning Templates, you're able to upgrade quicker than ever and utilize the latest and greatest that NextGen has to offer.

    Family Planning Templates Decrease Total Cost of Ownership

    By streamlining workflows and easing reporting, utilizing native Family Planning NextGen EHR Templates can reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO). By utilizing NextGen's native templates, there are no third-party service, maintenance, or consulting fees needed to be consistently paid. Your NextGen license comes with this great template set and

    Reduce Physician Burnout with Family Planning Templates

    Physician EHR burnout is common. NextGen EHR Templates tailored to your clinic’s needs can boost satisfaction with your system. By making your NextGen EHR easy to use, you can also increase provider productivity. Your clinic can see more patients in less time without sacrificing documentation, billing, or patient care.

    Many family planning clinics work with part-time physicians who see patients at multiple sites. These physicians may use multiple EHR systems as they transition from site to site. Simple, intuitive Family Planning Templates will make it easy for your part-time providers to work with your NextGen system. By using templates, you can help ensure that all providers properly document visits. This will reduce billing errors, improve patient care, and simplify annual reporting processes.

    Your NextGen EHR’s built-in tools for family planning clinics work with your workflows. From medication dispensing and billing to patient education materials, your providers can quickly access everything they need to diagnose, treat, and follow up with patients.

    The TempDev Difference

    TempDev’s developers and consultants can help with any of your NextGen EHR needs. If your clinic offers family planning services, reach out to TempDev to get started realizing the benefits of Family Planning Templates. From streamlining workflows to reducing reporting burdens, TempDev can help you make your NextGen EHR work for you. 

    Call us at 888.TEMP.DEV or contact us here to get started with Family Planning Templates.


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