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NextGen Healthcare Releases 5.9.2020.1 Upgrade

NextGen Healthcare Releases 5.9.2020.1 Upgrade

Practice Management & EHR systems are often the difference between an efficient operation and one that is lacking. If you have NextGen products, you already know how they can add to your practice's efficiency and keep improving every version. Excitingly, NextGen Healthcare just released their 5.9.2020.1 upgrade, an improvement to their already superior ambulatory EHR software. This NextGen upgrade offers improvements to many aspects of these programs, enhancing your clinical, financial, and administrative workflows.

Running a medical practice is incredibly challenging under the best of conditions. Currently, you are facing a significant healthcare crisis that is stretching your medical staff to the limit. Once the pandemic begins to end and eases the pressure on your team, you will want to consider upgrading to NextGen 5.9.2020.1. It provides a better user experience for your physicians and patients while helping to improve your revenue stream.

NextGen 5.9.2020.1 Upgrade New Features

NextGen Healthcare's software already provides some of the most advanced features available, but this upgrade takes it to the next level. Some of the most exciting new features are as follows:

NextGen EHR and NextGen Adaptive Content Engine Enhancements

Some of the most significant improvements NextGen made in 5.9.2020.1 were to NextGen EHR and the Adaptive Content Engine, core components of every physician's workflow. The upgrade features the following enhancements:

  • A new, completely re-designed SOAP template created with the new template editing tools that will eventually replace NextGen Template Editor. The SOAP template is easier to use and requires far fewer clicks. Your physicians won't waste time in circuitous navigation.

  • An improved CPOE workflow that greatly simplifies the ordering of labs and radiology studies. Searching for orders has never been easier!

  • More professional and readable clinical documentation since master documents and subdocuments have a standardized format.

  • The ability to customize patient education materials and content including screening and assessment materials.

  • Updates to the Family Planning content to better serve Planned Parenthood, OBGyn, & FQHC clients.

In addition, the upgrade includes these enhancements:

  • Easier use of My Phrases and Quick Saves

  • Regulatory enhancements involving CPT, HCPCS, ICD-10 codes, and CQMs.

  • SOGI enhanced templates such as a new Contraception HPI template and a new Confidential Detailed Sexual History template.

These improvements allow your staff to more quickly and accurately create clinical documentation.

Specialty Content Improvements in NextGen 5.9.2020.1 Upgrade

The NextGen 5.9.2020.1 upgrade also targets specialty practices, offering enhancements that streamline their daily duties. Many NextGen specialty improvements are treated individually. These enhancements are offered for the following programs:

  • NextGen Behavioral Health Suite

  • NextGen Orthopedic Suite

  • NextGen Therapy Suite

  • NextGen Optical Management

  • NextGen Ophthalmology Suite

National Council for Prescription Drug Programs

Staying current with various medical standards is challenging for you and your staff. The NextGen Enterprise 5.9.2020.1 update helps you adhere to the NCPDP data interchange standards, including their SCRIPT 2017071 standard. This upgrade assists you in arming you with more knowledge around prescribing controlled substances.

NextGen Advanced Audit Enhancements

You must be able to audit all aspects of your practice to maintain compliance in quality programs. The NextGen Advanced Audit improvements allow you to track all Payer Master changes and modifications; thus better protecting your revenue and alerting you to changes made within the system.

Hidden Insurance Management in NextGen EPM

Hidden inactive insurance coverage will be easier to manage thanks to this upgrade. New encounters will no longer be able to use hidden insurance plans, a financial issue that causes many claim rejections.

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Documentation

NextGen is an industry leader in recording sexual orientation and gender identity accurately. You can now more easily document SOGI in the demographic record and extract the data in multiple formats.

More Improvements in NextGen 5.9.2020.1 Upgrade

Additionally, NextGen Enterprise 5.9.2020.1 offers enhancements to NextGen Appointment Scheduling, the PRAPARE assessment tool, interoperability, interfaces, and other provider solutions.

NextGen EDI Voice Text and Email have been integrated into NextGen EPM Recall Plans. This change allows your staff to more easily contact patients for necessary follow-up appointments. It saves time and prevents patients from falling through the cracks and getting sicker because of it.

NextGen Adaptability

NextGen is constantly updating their products to meet the ever-changing needs of providers. The current issues with COVID-19 have rocked the healthcare community and exposed a lack of preparedness for a pandemic. This virus has put extreme pressure on many medical practices across the world - pressure that may last for months or years.

Medical staffs everywhere need the most advanced tools available to help them deal with this crisis and the ones to follow. TempDev, with the help of NextGen products, can offer you valuable assistance with these challenges.

The TempDev Advantages

The TempDev team has the NextGen solutions that you need during normal times and when you are in crisis. They stay current with all the changes in the healthcare industry so their NextGen consultants are uniquely positioned to help your medical practice.

NextGen products are industry leaders, and the TempDev staff members are experts on this software. They can analyze your practice and suggest the programs that offer you the best provider solutions for your particular situation. Once you have the software, their consultants can provide expert training and help you troubleshoot any difficulties. This assistance makes your practice more flexible and able to quickly adjust to changing conditions.

No medical practice can thrive without having the right tools, especially during difficult times. TempDev will support your providers with technology, training, and other advanced solutions. Start solving the problems of tomorrow by contacting TempDev today.


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