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7 Benefits of NextGen EHR & EPM Dashboards and Reports

7 Benefits of NextGen EHR & EPM Dashboards and Reports

NextGen EHR Dashboards and Reports help you unlock the potential of your EHR. With these tools, you can get an overview of your practice metrics in one place. Dashboards and Reports draw on the wealth of data stored in your NextGen EHR and EPM. They can help you increase efficiency, improve quality, and maximize revenue. TempDev has created a wide variety of Dashboards and Reports to help you manage your practice.

Here are seven benefits of NextGen EHR & EPM Dashboards and Reports.

Get Real-Time Data on Your Practice and Patients

Your EHR has many advantages over paper records, including instant access to patient data. With Dashboards and Reports, you can see aggregate data from your EHR and EPM data in real-time. Timely data on your practice, providers, and patients can help you find and address workflow problems before they become entrenched. You can also identify missed coding and documentation opportunities before you submit claims. This reduces denials and helps you get reimbursed faster.

Reduce or Eliminate In-House Data Work

Your NextGen EHR and EPM contain a wealth of information about your practice, providers, and patients. Aggregating and analyzing that data requires specialized skillsets. Many smaller practices do not have staff with the time or expertise to dig into their EHR and EPM data. Dashboards and Reports can help you see patterns without complicated or expensive analytics. For example, you can view real-time quality metrics, explore coding patterns by provider, or see wait times and appointment cancellations by day and site. And these metrics are updated automatically, without the need for in-house data support.

TempDev’s development team has created NextGen Dashboards and Reports with SSRS and NextGen business intelligence to help you with common tasks. These can be customized to suit your needs, or TempDev can help you create new tools specific to your workflows and business needs. With NextGen Dashboards and Reports, you do not need an in-house data or development team to get the most out of your EHR.

See Key Metrics in One Place

EHR Reports and Dashboards help you keep track of the key metrics that are most important for your practice. You can create custom tools to focus on your quality measures or key pain points in your workflows. Whether your goal is to improve patient satisfaction, reduce billing errors, or meet the threshold for a quality bonus, TempDev’s Dashboard and Reporting team can help. Their tools make it easy to see progress toward meeting your goals. Dashboards show you an overview of your key metrics in one place, saving you time in practice management. Reports also let you drill down by site, provider, or patient. This can help you find the source of appointment, coding, or billing issues and correct it through targeted training.

Identify Problems Early

Dashboards and Reports can serve as an early warning system for your practice. You can see bottlenecks in your patient flow before they become major problems. You can also identify coding issues and correct them before they become billing and reimbursement issues. By regularly reviewing your Reports and Dashboards, you can help your practice eliminate inefficiencies before they progress to major problems. This saves you time, money, and frustration. TempDev’s developers can help you create the custom tools you need to keep your practice on track.

Keep Your Practice on Track

Ambulatory care provision gets more complex every year. From new value-based payment initiatives to challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic, your practice has to adjust constantly. With Dashboards and Reports, you can use the power of your NextGen EHR to keep your practice on track in an ever-changing environment. TempDev has developed several Dashboards and Reports that help you manage your practice, monitor and report quality measures, and track your revenue cycle. Armed with data from these tools, you can help your providers and non-clinical staff adapt to new challenges.

Monitor Coding, Billing, and Revenue

TempDev’s NextGen EPM Dashboards and Reports can help you manage the business side of your practice, too. You can monitor E&M code use, CPT codes, and chart documentation by site and provider. By keeping track of coding, you can identify training needs and help ensure complete billing. You can also monitor your revenue cycle, including accounts receivable, payments and credits, bad debt, and claims denials. Your NextGen system can reduce the burdens associated with coding and billing, all while helping you keep better track of your revenue.

Drill Down to Specific Sites, Providers, and Patients

Sometimes, high-level metrics do not tell the whole story. Many of TempDev's Dashboards and Reports let you drill down to see metrics by site or by provider. You can also drill down to the patient level to see patterns in missed appointments, accounts receivable, or claims denials.

The drill-down functions in many Dashboards and Reports can help you direct resources more efficiently. If some providers are struggling with timely and accurate coding and chart notes, for example, targeted NextGen training may help. Or, if particular sites face a higher likelihood of appointment cancelations or no-shows, you can adjust your scheduling or outreach procedures at that site.

How TempDev Can Help

TempDev has developed a wide variety of NextGen Dashboards and Reports that can be customized to fit your needs. Here are just a few of the Dashboards and Reports TempDev offers:

    If you need help making your NextGen system work for you, reach out to TempDev. Call us at 888.TEMP.DEV or contact us here to get started with NextGen Dashboards and Reports.


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