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6 Ways to Get NextGen Client Support with TempDev

6 Ways to Get NextGen Client Support with TempDev

Your NextGen EHR and EPM should work for you, not the other way around. If your practice is struggling to implement, upgrade, customize, integrate, or maintain your NextGen system, TempDev can help. Here are six ways TempDev can assist your team with NextGen client support.

NextGen Client Support with Staff Augmentation

If your practice is struggling to keep up with NextGen support, TempDev's staff augmentation services can help. With NextGen staff augmentation, you get dedicated TempDev consultants working alongside your staff and integrated into your team. Staff augmentation is perfect for covering key staff absences, migration to a new system, or unexpected staff departures. TempDev's consultants are NextGen experts so that you can save on training time. Staff augmentation is also flexible - you can have TempDev staff on your team as long as you need.

Staff augmentation can also help you maintain your current NextGen EHR and EPM system while planning an upgrade. With TempDev staff dedicated to your team, you can complete both your day-to-day NextGen and upgrade project tasks. 

Implementation and Project Management

TempDev's Project Management Professional (PMP)Certified NextGen Project Managers can assist with any project. With consulting from TempDev, you can keep your NextGen EHR and EPM implementation project on time and budget without overburdening your staff. Implementing new features and functionality or an entirely new EHR and EPM can be a complicated task. TempDev's Project Managers can help your practice develop project plans, mitigate risks, and manage key milestones. A dedicated Project Manager will work with your staff to keep your NextGen project running smoothly. With support from Team TempDev, you can roll out new NextGen EHR and EPM functionality faster while keeping your staff invested in your project's success. 

NextGen ACE Upgrades and Data Conversions

Your NextGen system needs regular NextGen ACE upgrades to stay current with the latest clinical information and technical capabilities. TempDev's developers and consultants can help you navigate the NextGen ACE upgrade (formerly NextGen KBM upgrade) process. For example, the TempDev team can help you review any custom development, like stored procedures, templates, and documents, in your current NextGen system through a gap analysis. This review will help you identify workflows, templates, reports, and integrations that the upgrade could affect. By identifying these in advance, you can prevent custom functionality from breaking during the upgrade.TempDev can also help you plan your upgrade process, train your team on how to use upgraded features, provide go-live support, and help you debrief on the successes and challenges of your upgrade experience.

If your practice switches to native NextGen ACE content from custom NextGen templates or another EHR system, you will need a data conversion. TempDev's developers can help you convert your data into NextGen fields to prevent data loss and improve workflows. Converting critical patient data is both high-risk and complex. It requires extensive data mapping, transformation through development, and validation. TempDev can help ensure your data is converted accurately and intuitively. This saves your physicians and staff time by keeping critical health and financial information intact.

Workflow Redesign

A workflow is a process your practice uses to accomplish a task. To get the most out of your NextGen EHR and EPM, you may need to redesign your workflows. TempDev's consultants can help you map your current workflows, identify pain points and bottlenecks, and design new, more efficient workflows. 

Workflow redesign can help your staff engage with your NextGen system in a more productive, efficient way. For example, redesigning workflows to document visits as they happen, rather than after the fact, can save providers and coding and billing staff time. With TempDev's help, you can assess what is and is not working about your current workflows and fix it to help boost your practice's efficiency. TempDev NextGen client support also has expert trainers who can guide your staff through the redesigned workflows, improving adherence and satisfaction with your new processes.

NextGen Training

NextGen training is a critical component of any NextGen client support of implementation, upgrade, or workflow redesign. If physicians or staff members do not know how to use your NextGen EHR and EPM system and the workflows associated with it, productivity and morale will suffer. Proper training has been linked to a lower risk of physician burnout and higher staff satisfaction with EHRs. TempDev's expert trainers will assess your training needs and develop custom training plans for your staff. 

TempDev's trainers use a targeted approach. They create separate training programs for clinical and non-clinical staff, and they can also target training by technical literacy. Each training session focuses on those workflows, and NextGen processes staff will use every day. This approach minimizes information overload while ensuring staff are ready to use your new NextGen EHR and EPM on the first day of implementation.

Custom Templates, Dashboards, and Reports

TempDev has developed a suite of customizable NextGen TemplatesDashboards, and Reports. These tools provide NextGen client support by solving common practice problems, improving efficiency, and keeping track of tasks and patients. Here are some of TempDev's customizable Templates, Dashboards, and Reports:

    TempDev can customize these Templates, Dashboards, and Reports to meet your needs. TempDev's developers can also work with you to create unique tools designed for your practice's individual needs. 

    The TempDev Difference

    TempDev's consultants, project managers, and developers are NextGen experts. From implementation to training to customization to maintenance, we can help with any NextGen project or problem. TempDev has experience with NextGen client support for all types of ambulatory practices with their NextGen systems.

    Call us at 888.TEMP.DEV today or contact us here to get started making your NextGen EHR and EPM work for you. 


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