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How to Build a Perfect NextGen EHR & EPM Team and Staff Augment when Needed

Managing the NextGen EHR & EPM software at a medium to large-sized organization requires a dedicated team for successful user adoption. The team must be multi-faceted and be able to concentrate on regular system maintenance and the implementation of new features and functionalities. If you're in a management role, you've probably come into a situation where your team cannot accomplish all the competing needs that naturally come from supporting NextGen. One of your vital employees may have moved on to a new job, or gone on leave for vacation, medical issues, sabbatical, or pregnancy. Or, a busy season may leave you scrambling to keep your head above water. It's at these moments when you need reliable NextGen staff augmentation to keep things running smoothly.

However, with the specific, niche demands required for supporting NextGen, finding well-trained, experienced help for staff augmentation isn't always manageable. Finding someone with the particular skills you need may feel like a "needle in a haystack" mission. So, what's the answer for organizations facing NextGen staff augmentation needs?

TempDev: NextGen Staff Augmentation at Every Level

TempDev's services are the answer to those organizations in need of NextGen staff augmentation assistance. TempDev offers NextGen staff aug services to help keep the wheels turning at every level required, including:

  • Project Manager - TempDev's Project Managers can provide decisive, knowledgeable leadership at a managerial level, ensuring that efforts get successfully spearheaded throughout the organization. The project management, PMP-certified consultants at TempDev, ensures that projects hit milestone dates and timeframes smoothly and seamlessly from the top down.

  • Application Specialist / Systems Analyst - A NextGen application specialist or systems analyst is ideal for providing support on Tier 2 or Tier 3 (higher-end) levels of support. TempDev's consultants offer an in-depth understanding of the NextGen software - providing the technical knowledge and support needed to keep the system going and growing. They also have the experience of working with a multitude of clients solving similar issues. 

  • Implementation Specialist / Business Analyst - A NextGen implementation specialist or business analyst is the liaison between users and the technical staff supporting NextGen. They provide unique insight into the business impact system changes may have. They will also write business requirements for the implementation of new features. With experts in the day-to-day business of a medical organization, TempDev's professionals ensure the successful deployment of NextGen to meet the business's needs and goals.

  • Template & SQL Developer - Looking to utilize the full power of NextGen Template Editor, Document Builder, and SQL queries? TempDev's development specialists have the in-depth software knowledge needed to build a customized, efficient solution ideal for your practice. TempDev's development team can also create SSRS & Crystal Reports, so the entire organization has the metrics, analytics, and breakdowns necessary to make informed business decisions.

  • Trainer - Make sure your staff has the knowledge they need to utilize the capabilities of NextGen fully. TempDev's highly-trained professional NextGen trainers deliver easy-to-understand, user-friendly instructions to your team, ensuring that they get the most out of the NextGen software. With TempDev, your staff will learn all the tips, tricks, shortcuts, and helpful hints to make them into NextGen pros. They can also assist with go-live support when you don't have enough people to cover the assistance an upgrade may require.

  • Revenue Cycle Manager - Do you need someone to oversee your billing department while you find the right replacement candidate to fill the position? Do you need assistance with creating a well-oiled NextGen EPM billing office? Our financial consultants have run revenue cycle teams before and know what it takes to implement the process and build out NextGen EPM & File Maintenance needed to support that process. 

  • NextGen Medical Billers - TempDev's flat-rate billers can help you get caught up with payment posting, claims management (professional fee & encounter rate), credit balances, accounts receivable, or denial management. Our billers know multi-specialty billing and NextGen EPM and can quickly be up and running to help you.

Whether you're using TempDev for regular NextGen maintenance - when you're looking to fill in for absent staff - or for NextGen staff augmentation during the upgrade process, our trained professionals ensure that all your work with NextGen doesn't miss a beat.

Are you interested in our services? Check them out here and reach out to us to find out more at 888.TEMP.DEV or via our contact page! 


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