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6 Benefits of EHR Implementation and Project Management

6 Benefits of EHR Implementation and Project Management

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EHR implementation is a complex project that needs consistent and engaged leadership. TempDev's professional implementation and project management support can help you stay on track without breaking the bank. From project planning to development to training, TempDev's NextGen experts can help you complete your project on time and under budget.

Here are six benefits of TempDev's NextGen EHR implementation and project management services.

Ease Staff Workload

Your clinical and non-clinical staff have full-time jobs. They can not easily take on the additional responsibilities needed for successfully implementing a new EHR system. If they do, their other work may suffer. Additionally, most staff in ambulatory practices do not have the project management and technical skills necessary to guide an EHR implementation successfully. Spreading implementation management tasks out over multiple staff members is not a good solution. Instead, it is a recipe for a disjointed, slow implementation process. And a slower EHR implementation process means your practice has to wait longer to reap the considerable benefits of NextGen EHR.

TempDev's Project Management Professional (PMP) Certified Project Managers can help. They have the expertise you need to create project plans, manage risks, and meet critical milestones. TempDev's NextGen template developers will work with our project managers to help you customize your NextGen system to meet your needs. You can make your NextGen Templates match your workflows, helping staff learn the new system more efficiently. With the TempDev team, you can free up your clinical and non-clinical staff to do their day-to-day jobs. All while keeping your EHR implementation project moving forward.  

Improve Communication

TempDev's project managers will help you create communication plans for your project. A clear, consistent communication plan ensures that the right people receive the right project updates at the right time. It also specifies escalation paths for responding to project risks. Without professional implementation support, your staff may not know when or how to update senior leadership on EHR implementation progress. They also may not know who to approach when new project risks arrive. TempDev's professional project managers know how to structure a project team and communication plan. They will help you minimize miscommunication and missed opportunities.

With dedicated TempDev staff assigned to your implementation project, you will have a single point of contact (SPOC) for project questions. Our developers, project managers, and trainers work closely together. This team approach helps to keep your project on track while keeping you informed of progress.

Keep Your EHR Implementation Project on Track

TempDev has helped hundreds of ambulatory practices implement NextGen EHR and EPM systems. They know the risks that are likely to arise during implementation, and they can help you mitigate or eliminate them. TempDev's professional project managers work to keep your project running smoothly. They predict, mitigate, and eliminate risks along the way. They also help you push back against scope creep. This includes requests for additional functionality outside of the project's original scope.

With dedicated project management support, you will have a single point of contact for any problems that arise. You can count on TempDev to help your practice set and meet realistic expectations and implementation timelines.

TempDev also has a wealth of pre-configured NextGen Templates, Dashboards, and Reports. These tools can help you customize your NextGen system with ease, saving you time. At TempDev, our developers specialize in NextGen, so your team does not have to.

Stay within Budget

EHR implementation is a significant investment. It is easy to go over budget with large projects due to poor planning, scope creep, or unforeseen risks. TempDev's staff have supported EHR implementation for a wide variety of ambulatory practices, and they have seen it all. They can help you develop detailed project plans, resist scope creep, and mitigate risks. TempDev manages your project to your budget, helping you stay on track.

Get the Right Staff Trained at the Right Time

Your implementation project is not complete without EHR training. Training your staff to use your new EHR system in their day-to-day work reduces physician burnout and improves satisfaction with the system. But busy teams do not have time for intensive training. That is why TempDev customizes training to each position's and staff member's needs.

TempDev's professional NextGen trainers will prepare your team for launch. With proper training, you can start seeing the benefits of your new EHR system right away. A smooth launch will make your practice's transition to NextGen seamless for patients and painless for staff.

Roll-Out Your EHR Implementation Faster

With professional project management and developer support from TempDev, you can get your NextGen EHR implementation up and running fast. TempDev's staff are excellent with NextGen support, and they will help guide you from planning through implementation. They have extensive knowledge of common roadblocks and risks with NextGen implementation so that you can be prepared. 

NextGen is quick-to-implement in its most basic form. Most ambulatory practices need to customize their NextGen system to fit their workflows and meet their unique needs. TempDev has developed a series of easy-to-use, customizable NextGen Templates and Reports to help you personalize your NextGen EHR. TempDev's developers can get your system customized quickly, helping you roll out NextGen sooner. By customizing your NextGen EHR, you can increase satisfaction with the system and reduce EHR-driven burnout.

The TempDev Difference

TempDev's project managers, developers, and trainers are NextGen experts with EHR implementation. They have helped hundreds of ambulatory practices to implement, upgrade, and customize NextGen. From small clinics to multi-site, multi-specialty practices, TempDev has the products and services you need to get the most out of your NextGen system.

Call us today at 888.TEMP.DEV or contact us here for help with your NextGen implementation, data conversion, or upgrade project.


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