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Why EHR Training is Crucial for Success

Why EHR Training is Crucial for Success

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) hold the promise of better and more efficient health care. Despite the many benefits of EHRs, physicians often only use them reluctantly. In order to improve the efficacy of an EHR in the practice, you must provide engaging and thorough EHR Training. By learning how to use your EHR the correct way, practices can improve workflows and patient care across the board.

EHR Training Improves Administrative Efficiency

EHRs make sure patient records are accurate and comprehensive. They also make it easy to share files between practitioners, ensuring consistency of care within an integrated care team. TempDev's NextGen EHR training helps physicians and health care professionals to maximize their use of the EHR platform, so patient care improves. As your practice adds new features and functionality to your EHR, TempDev can design scalable training solutions to support the latest workflows.

In addition to charting individual patient charts, EHRs have advanced population health, reporting, and analytical capacities. These vastly improve the practice's clinical, financial, and operational processes, helping organizations achieve maximum productivity. Utilizing your EHR to its maximum capabilities is essential, especially at a time when doctors are trying to participate in Value-Based Medicine and quality improvement initiatives. With this technology, regulatory reporting is more manageable since the EHR compiles vital information with minimal clicks. The data from EHRs support practice-based initiatives, like performance reviews and benchmarking.

EHR Innovation Supports Health Care Teams

TempDev's EHR training solutions reduce the administrative burden required to run your practice. Having knowledgable and well-trained staff makes the EHR implementation easier on physicians, team members, and colleagues. Everyone spends less time clicking in templates and more time on patient care and communication. By partnering with TempDev on NextGen EHR training sessions, your team can further discover the ways in which your EHR can make clinic life easier.

Learning all you can about your EHR prepares you for the next wave in healthcare IT (HIT) innovation and regulation. The industry continues to grow, and players in the space explore potential new ways to improve clinics and patient care. According to HealthTech, some of the more promising EHR technology updates include natural language processing (NLP) to automatically transcribe audio or dictated notes, predictive data analytics to improve care decisions, and broader patient access to personal health data.

Knowing How to Use EHR Systems Prevents Physician Burnout

EHRs have been in the medical space for some time now. Recent physician surveys revealed that although EHRs improve some aspects of clinic life, they are also a source of frustration. The American Academy of Family Physicians reported in early 2019 that doctors had mixed experiences using EHRs. This was based on a survey of 4,200 Rhode Island doctors. Of those, three-quarters said EHRs improved billing, and more than two-thirds said it improved inter-clinic communication. But less than half said EHRs improved workflow, and less than 30 percent said they made job satisfaction better. The same survey showed a link between EHR-related stress and physician burnout.

So, does that mean EHRs are not the right choice for doctors? A report from May 2019 in Healthcare IT News suggests the opposite. EHR training, such as that offered by TempDev, is critical to developing end-user satisfaction. Most clinic professionals do not know how to use their EHRs to maximum effect. As a result, the technology becomes a barrier instead of a tool. Participation in EHR training is an easy way to combat this disconnect and fulfill the promise of optimal patient care through EHRs.

NextGen EHR Training: Optimizing Your Experience With Digital Patient Care

EHR advocates want their end-users to get the most out of their software. TempDev is no different. That is why TempDev NextGen EHR training focuses on user's pain points in the clinic, so they can learn how to optimize their EHR usage. TempDev offers training courses that are an in-depth exploration of all you need to know to become an expert in your EHR.

Since TempDev offers both onsite and virtual training, you can do it from the comfort of your own office in whatever way is best for you to learn. The training courses include both instructional training and hands-on labs where you can work directly with NextGen EHR, under the guidance of a NextGen EHR expert. This hands-on practice in a supportive environment gives you the opportunity to ask questions about the EHR, learning skills you can take back to improve your practice.

Renew Your Experience With Electronic Health Records

EHRs promise to bring new innovation to patient care and the administration of medical practices. In order to successfully use this technology, consider TempDev's NextGen EHR training. This makes the road to digital integration more accessible and less frustrating for doctors and team members alike. Contact us to learn more about NextGen EHR training today.


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