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What is The National Health Information Network (NHIN)?

What is The National Health Information Network (NHIN)?

The National Health Information Network (NHIN) facilitates the exchange of secure electronic health records (EHR) messages. The NHIN was first launched to improve the efficacy and quality of healthcare by establishing policies, services, and standards for health information exchange.

The National Health Information Network (NHIN) was first established as a project in 2004. It falls under the umbrella of the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) as a network of networks. The purpose of the NHIN is to connect medical providers, patients, and other parties who are all part of the healthcare support system for Health Information Technology (HIT).

What Are the Benefits of the Health Information Network (NHIN)?

The NHIN supports the secure exchange of health information at local, state, and national levels. This level of support and interoperability is important to the success of the health information infrastructure. Here are just a few of the important benefits of the Health Information Network for your practice. 

    The NHIN represents a foundation that supports the successful exchange of information across the healthcare network. On an ongoing basis, the NHIN Workgroup makes recommendations to the ONC for policies that fall into the NHIN framework. At TempDev, we offer insight and consulting services to help you better plan for and integrate with healthcare technology

    How TempDev Can Help You With The NHIN

    TempDev’s team of experienced consultants, developers, and trainers is here to support enhanced accessibility and customized features and templates. This enables you and your patients to have more control over data with improved transparency. 

    As part of our streamlining process, we help you implement the Patient Portal, API, and other tools to better support safety, patient engagement, and security. TempDev offers the comprehensive resources and tools you need to ensure compliance from dashboards to automation and workflow redesign. 

    TempDev offerings insight into how the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act revolutionized healthcare and electronic health care records (EHRs). With technological advancements in mobile health (mHealth), remote monitoring tools, and telemedicine services, you’re better able to make decisions and improve the quality of your patient experience.

    Contact us here or by calling us at 888.TEMP.DEV to help you improve connectivity with the NHIN.


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