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NextGen Patient Engagement Trends in 2020

NextGen Patient Engagement Trends in 2020

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In the past, patients called their doctor and made an appointment. A reminder was facilitated before the appointment and any type of follow-up or information was done by phone or in-person. Yet, technology has taken over, and that's a great thing. Now we have ways of staying in touch with patients and caring for their needs in ways that are both easier and more efficient. Patient engagement tools being integrated within your NextGen EHR is key to remaining competitive in the marketplace.

According to Leftronic:

  • 40 percent of the world's population has access to the internet.

  • 90 percent of the world's data was generated within the past two years alone.

  • Only 8 percent of US households owned a personal computer in 1984.

  • 5 billion people in the world own a mobile device.

And that's not all.

A growing number of Americans solely depend on their smartphones for internet access at home. About one in five adults across the country is a smartphone-only user. This means they don't utilize standard broadband services or a personal computer. 

Technology growth has ensured that there are more ways to facilitate healthcare to patient engagement than ever before. Having the right tools integrated with NextGen EPM & EHR is integral in making sure that you have patient engagement in a way that is time-saving, productive, and helpful in every manner. Here are some of the latest patient engagement trends with NextGen in 2020.

The Importance of Patient Engagement

According to the article The Future of Patient Engagement in the Digital Age at Harvard Medical School:

The popularity and importance of well-integrated platforms is rising as patients look for ways to handle their needs. They are also assisting physicians who are looking to decrease their workload while staying in touch with their patients. Patients and physicians both need platforms that are user-friendly and an experience that fulfills their needs while staying on top of current technological trends.

Those health care providers who implement these changes into their current business model will see improved service to the patients as well as expedient forms of communication within a professional atmosphere.

Whether it's new tools to increase patient care access and create an experience that centers around the consumer or healthcare systems that sort customer data, physicians can expect a more digital experience as the year continues.

Person-centered Care and Tailored Experiences

The implementation of technology doesn't mean that the importance of compassionate care has fallen by the wayside. In fact, person-centered care is still at the forefront. Patient engagement trends simply make it more accessible as consumers in the healthcare division become more adjusted to technological advances. As technology becomes more commonplace, patients come to expect the same level of service, and health care providers have to offer it in order to keep up with the growing level of technology.

Patient engagement via AI and automation is most successful when the emphasis is on personalizing the experience. Patients must feel that they are treated with compassion and that the care teams have enabled a custom-tailored experience for their needs.

Puneet Maheshwari, co-founder and CEO of DocASAP stressed the need for companies "anticipating their patients' needs and leading patients to expect the same level of personalization from their healthcare providers."

2020 is the year for adaption to these needs, which helps in several ways. These include better engaging healthcare consumers, speeding up time to value for patient access, and gaining their loyalty.

NextGen Patient Engagement Trends

Here are a few patient engagement trends helpful in keeping physicians connected with their patients' needs through technological advances that also integrate into NextGen's platform.


One patient engagement solution many of our clients are implementing with NextGen comes from Intrado. This integration focuses on a number of benefits including:

  • Increase patient-flow

  • Communication with a patient in their preferred language

  • Reduce no-shows

  • Increase value-based bonuses

  • Reduce call burden phone calls

  • Eliminate disruptions

  • NextGen EHR-integrated automation through the NextGen API

  • Improve online reputation

  • Increase patient satisfaction

  • Enhance preventative care

It comes with a variety of features. For instance, the staff-patient live texting feature improves communication and enhances staff productivity. Pre and post follow-up provides a host of benefits. A patient can be reminded of their pre-procedure prep as well as post-procedure follow-ups. This helps minimize complications with forgotten appointments and can include educational material integral to the patient's care.

Along with these features, there are others included such as a conversational communication platform, closed-loop appointment reminders, closed-loop patient recall, no-show follow up, and an area for feedback and reviews.


Well is another communication platform many NextGen clients are utilizing that performs a myriad of functions. These include:

  • Appointment reminders

  • Community and population health

  • Patient education

  • Patient satisfaction surveys

  • Recalls

  • Insurance eligibility

  • Revenue cycle

  • Telemedicine

  • Lab results

  • Transportation

It eliminates routine phone calls, reduces some of the stress on your staff, and can even reduce no-shows by up to 75 percent. It is an ideal way to not only attract new patients but to retain the ones you have.

Well allows you to reach patients through text, live chat, email, and phone. Physicians and staff are able to switch easily between types of communication. Well combines an ideal customer communication platform with live person-to-person interactions.

Telehealth Advances

Another improvement in 2020 is the access to telehealth following  NextGen's integration and purchase of OTTO Health. This allows for home healthcare that saves time and money. The client can easily access a doctor without having to leave their home for a myriad of non-emergency conditions. This also works well for patients who are in more remote areas without access to clinics or easily-accessed doctors. 

As mentioned in our article on 2020 Healthcare Trends:

TempDev Helps Facilitate Patient Engagement

As stated at Healthcare IT News:

We provide consulting, advice, and implementation on patient engagement tools with NextGen. We have strategic partnerships with multiple patient engagement vendors and a preferred partnership with NextGen. It is our goal to provide our clients with the best consultative advice when it comes to which tools will work for them in their situation. Whether it's Integrations or Implementation and Project Management - we have you covered in clinical, technical, financial, and quality realms. Contact us for advice on any of these solutions that help you engage with your patients as a physician.


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