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What is Enterprise Architecture (EA)?

What is Enterprise Architecture (EA)?

Enterprise architecture (EA) is a discipline that provides a roadmap for an organization, that relies on rigorous analysis, planning, visualization, design, management, and execution. It defines a group's structure and interdependencies within the business units. Confronted with challenges, an enterprise architect develops and deploys strategies to overcome obstacles and achieve success.

Enterprise architecture (EA) has far-ranging implications in the world of business, particularly for large organizations, but it’s also a requirement for federal agencies. It is a driver for change and restructuring within an organization, which can reach down to every level or department of a company. 

Companies regularly use enterprise architecture to restructure their organization for cost savings and efficiency. The Clinger-Cohen Act, or Federal Acquisition Reform Act (FARA) of 1996, requires federal agencies to have an enterprise architecture in place to improve operations. 

What Are the Benefits of Enterprise Architecture?

Enterprise architecture is part of the strategic effort to restructure organizations, but it also offers insights into how an agency or company operates, including its policies and procedures. So the goal and one of the benefits of EA is to offer a blueprint of how the organization currently functions while offering recommendations and insights into areas where improvements could be made. Here are more benefits. 

    The goal of EA analysis and implementation is to change your organization for the better, but it also benefits you by saving your practice time and money. As part of the restructuring recommendations, EA reviews software and technology, making recommendations for the solutions that will best meet the needs of your organization, staff, and patients. At TempDev, we offer a range of insights and recommendations and resources related to practice management software and electronic health records

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