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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved three COVID-19 vaccines for adults. With vaccine supply rapidly increasing, now is the time to prepare for COVID-19 vaccine administration. Your practice will play a critical role in ending the COVID-19 pandemic. Set up your COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic for maximum impact with help from TempDev.

TempDev’s NextGen COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Template will help you administer, track, and bill for COVID-19 vaccinations. When combined with patient reminders, appointment self-scheduling, vaccine inventory tools, and patient education, this template will help you administer COVID-19 vaccines to the maximum number of patients without overburdening your staff.

Here is how to set up your COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic.

Get the TempDev NextGen COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Template

To set up your COVID-19 vaccine clinic, you first need to develop a process to document and bill for vaccine administration. Your regular NextGen EHR charting workflows may prove cumbersome for quick, vaccination-only visits. TempDev’s COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic NextGen EHR Template lets you document and bill for COVID-19 vaccines without opening individual patients’ charts. With this template, you can document a COVID-19 vaccination and schedule the second dose appointment with just 3-5 clicks.

The COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Template comes pre-populated with the procedure and administrative billing codes for the Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson vaccines. This eliminates guesswork and saves providers and staff from having to search for codes. The template guides providers through all required vaccine documentation fields and automatically bills for the correct procedure codes. This helps prevent claims denials and ensures you get reimbursed accurately. This is especially important since margins are thin on administrative reimbursements.

TempDev designed the COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Template to work seamlessly with other NextGen features. For example, the template integrates with NextGen’s Vaccine Inventory Management to track supply and usage. It also works with NextGen’s Immunization Registry Interfaces to simplifying public health reporting.

The template can also help ease scheduling for second doses. With just two clicks, you can automatically schedule a second dose appointment. The template will also update each patients’ appointment workflow status automatically.

Patient Reminders for COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments

Once you have the COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Template in place, you need to help patients get and keep their vaccination appointments. TempDev can help you integrate tools like WellApp into your NextGen EHR system. WellApp sends automatic COVID-19 text messages to patients to remind them about upcoming visits and provide visit instructions. These text message reminders can help you remind patients about vaccination appointments, reducing no-show rates and vaccine waste. You can also automatically remind patients to return for their second vaccine dose. WellApp can also help you provide outreach once vaccine demand begins to slow.

WellApp can also help your practice coordinate with patients about COVID-19 protocols in place at your office. This feature can help you inform patients about how COVID-19 vaccine clinic protocols may differ from those for standard office visits.

Let Patients Self-Schedule Their COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments

After you set up systems to document and bill for COVID-19 vaccines and remind patients of their appointments, you can further simplify your COVID-19 vaccine clinic operations by allowing patient self-scheduling. TempDev can help you configure your NextGen Patient Portal to allow patients to schedule their COVID-19 vaccine appointments online. The NextGen Patient Portal can send reminders to patients who are eligible for the vaccine and provide instructions for appointment scheduling.

By allowing self-scheduling, you can increase patient satisfaction and reduce the odds that patients will miss their appointments. You can also reduce the time your staff members spend on the phone with patients. Self-scheduling will free your staff to spend more time administering vaccines, helping beat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Manage your COVID-19 Vaccine Inventory

Manufacturers are increasing the supply of COVID-19 vaccines. But vaccine supply still falls below demand in many areas. Careful vaccine inventory management can help you prevent vaccine spoilage while vaccinating as many patients as possible. Your NextGen EHR can help you manage inventory for your COVID-19 vaccine clinic.

TempDev’s COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Template works with the NextGen Vaccine Inventory Solution. This allows you to keep track of your vaccine supply. Your providers can access inventory information and document vaccinations in one place–your NextGen EHR.

With the NextGen Vaccine Inventory Solution, you can also track vaccine supply across sites. This helps you identify over- and under-supply issues within your practice. Vaccine supply data by site can feed back into your scheduling and outreach processes to ensure your practice vaccinates the maximum number of patients per day.

Reach Out to Patients about the COVID-19 Vaccine through NextGen’s Population Health Tools

The population health tools in your NextGen EHR can help you identify patients at high risk for COVID-19 complications and target outreach. COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy is a serious problem. Your practice is an important source of direct, trusted and accurate vaccine information for your patients. According to a recent survey, nearly 80 percent of adults say they would turn to their doctor, nurse, or another provider when deciding whether to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Direct outreach from your practice may be the key to helping your patients feel more comfortable getting a vaccine.

Reaching out to each patient individually would be time-consuming for your staff. Your NextGen EHR’s population health tools can help you identify patients at high risk of COVID-19 complications or those newly eligible for the vaccine. By stratifying your patients by risk level or eligibility, you can target your outreach to those patients who need the vaccine soonest. This can save your staff time and ensure that vaccines get to the right patients at the right time. 

Integrate Disparate Systems

If your city, county, or state is requiring secondary systems to maintain inventory, schedule appointments, or receive new patients then TempDev can help. By providing ongoing data conversions or custom integrations, TempDev can reduce the redundant data entry your staff is being burdened with by having to work with disparate systems.

How TempDev Can Help You Set Up your COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic

TempDev’s NextGen templatesreports, and dashboards help keep your practice on track. With expert developers and consultants, TempDev can help you get the most out of your NextGen EHR and EPM. TempDev has worked with many sites to help them deploy successful, high-volume COVID-19 vaccine clinics and can give trusted advice. If you are preparing to administer COVID-19 vaccines, let TempDev help you optimize your NextGen system for quick documentation and billing. With the COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Template, your practice can focus on what is most important—administering the vaccines.

Call us at 888.TEMP.DEV or contact us here to get help to set up your COVID-19 vaccine clinic.


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