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All medical facilities face management issues, but ambulatory surgery centers have some unique challenges. On the positive side, these centers have transformed surgical procedures, helping patients get excellent care without a hospital stay. Patients appreciate this opportunity and are choosing it in higher numbers. In fact, 60% of all surgeries that used to be performed in a hospital are now done in an ambulatory surgery center. That means consumers and their insurance companies pay less, and patients return home in a matter of hours instead of a day or two. While the demand and growth for ASCs are ever-increasing, their options within many EHRs are limited. TempDev has partnered with many of the country's top ASCs to customize NextGen EPM & EHR, so it works optimally for them. 

If you're struggling with the myriad of complexities an ASC introduces, fortunately, TempDev, with the aid of NextGen Healthcare software, can help. Improve the management of your facility in ways that directly affect the quality of patient care, user experience, and billing. NextGen EPM & EHR software assists with all areas of ASCs, allowing you to keep more in-depth records, bill promptly and accurately and spot weaknesses in your system. Your ambulatory surgery center will maintain a high level of care while improving patient satisfaction and increasing revenue streams. And you'll be able to document your excellence easily.

NextGen EHR ASC Custom Templates

NextGen EHR ACE templates come with a great backbone for configuring custom ASC content needed for their specialty; however, many groups struggle with implementing customizations. TempDev's NextGen template development team has the expertise on hand to create:

  1. New ASC specialty content with customizations and configuration utilizing standard NextGen KBM/ASC templates allowing for smoother upgrades

  2. Procedure templates to match your surgery center's workflow & billing requirements  

  3. Vascular ASC template suite

  4. Orthopedics ASC template suite

  5. Urology ASC template suite

  6. Ophthalmology ASC template suite

NextGen EPM ASC Billing

Since ASCs bill global, professional, and technical places of service, the billing set up can be quite complicated. To assist with the configuration required for billing an ASC, TempDev's NextGen EPM consulting experts can assist with:

  1. Copying billable encounters between practices to charge the Professional & Technical component of the visit

  2. Assistance with claim set-up for billing HCFA & UB

  3. Repeatable and scalable NextGen EPM builds for growth and acquisition planning

NextGen ASC Reporting

Since many ASCs have complex investment structures, including being publically or private equity-owned, reliable reporting is essential. TempDev's report developers have assisted clients with NextGen business intelligence implementations that accurately reports:

  1. Revenue recognition

  2. Financial data including accounts receivable, credit balances, and billing statistics 

  3. Operational data trends

  4. Facility & professional encounters paired to understand revenue per encounter better

  5. Multi-procedure discounts

  6. Clinical operations and quality

NextGen EHR Clinical Quality Measures

Since much of the ASC workflows in NextGen EHR are custom, partnering with NextGen quality specialists on MIPS reporting is critical to a successful attestation. TempDev can assist you with your NextGen MIPS PI, Improvement Activities, and CQM measure selection and then any customizations required to meet those measures. They can also assist with monitoring provider and staff performance by running NextGen HQM or custom reports.

NextGen EHR & EPM Practice Dashboard Report

The NextGen EHR & EPM Practice Dashboard Report gives you a snapshot of overall practice performance, including information on appointments, medications, orders, PAQ, tasks, NextGen Patient Portal, and NextGen Share Direct Messaging. You can quickly note areas where performance is lagging and take steps to investigate potential problems in more detail. For instance, you can indicate which tests and follow-ups are not being completed, something of particular interest to ambulatory surgery centers. You can also look at this area more closely by using other tools, including the NextGen EHR Orders Management Practice Template.

NextGen EHR Orders Management Practice Template

This important NextGen EHR template, created by TempDev, offering lets you see all open orders for the practice and individual providers. The Order Statistics Panel gives you practice-wide information. The Open Orders Panel lets you take action on these open orders by alerting the appropriate providers and staff members. If tests, labs, and imaging haven't been completed, follow-up with the patient is necessary. In some instances, your staff may have neglected to bill for testing, and they can correct it from this template. This template lets you refer open tasks to the team for completion, which benefits you and your patients.

TempDev offers several NextGen EHR reports that work to improve practice management quality. Your TempDev consultant can recommend which of these reports will best help you and your staff enhance the quality of care.

Provider Executive Summary NextGen EPM Report

This Provider Executive Summary NextGen EPM Report lets you measure practice and provider performance in a number of financial categories. You can view charges, payments, adjustments, charge lag, etc., which alerts you to billing issues, fluctuations in revenue, and potential coding problems.

This report also lets you analyze appointment statistics, including missed or rescheduled appointments, which are a significant source of care and revenue issues. A patient no-show for a surgical procedure is a much more damaging situation for an ambulatory surgery center than it is for a regular physician office. Surgical procedures entail multiple personnel and increased preparation time. NextGen appointment information gives you insight into where provider/patient communication is breaking down.

In addition, missed follow-up appointments and procedures affect your center's quality and revenue. Many patients experience difficulties simply because they fail to pursue proper after-care. TempDev's NextGen EPM reports are a simple way to understand problems in your practice. Once you are alerted to these issues, you can take steps to improve communications with patients and between staff members, so nothing is overlooked.

NextGen EHR Software

NextGen's industry-leading EHR software works well for ambulatory surgical centers and makes all management tasks easier, including patient scheduling, the appointment process, billing, and follow-up. The consulting team at TempDev helps you implement and optimize NextGen EPM & EHR and provides continual support for any issues you may encounter.

NextGen EHR software allows you to have instant and complete access to patient records and lets your providers reach out in-house to their colleagues for more data. Complete records also mean the billing process is simplified, leading to faster and more accurate reimbursement. Patient records have never been more portable or safer. NextGen products work together to make your ambulatory surgery center more efficient, which improves its patient care quality. Currently, potential surgical patients make choices primarily by your facility's reputation. The optimal use of NextGen Healthcare software can help you improve customer satisfaction, credibility, and bring in more patients.

The TempDev Advantage

The NextGen experts at TempDev offers you the best NextGen software solutions, but their services don't end there. Their experienced staff provides customized solutions for your surgical practice. If you are short on employees, they can provide you with temporary NextGen billing help for billing or other front office needs. You don't have to train these employees and can use them for as long as you require. As a company, TempDev continually strives to provide the best and most advanced healthcare solutions to their clients. If your ambulatory surgical center has clinical, operational, or revenue issues, contact TempDev today.


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