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NextGen Biller Staff Augmentation: Have a Backup Plan

NextGen Biller Staff Augmentation: Have a Backup Plan

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If medical providers had their way, they would spend all of their time on delivering excellent patient care. Sadly, you have to worry about finances, or you won't be able to maintain a practice. That's why a highly trained billing staff is essential to the success of any physician organization. Just hiring permanent billing employees who are well trained in NextGen is often not enough, though. Often, practices will go through periods when billing has the potential to fall behind and NextGen biller staff augmentation would be helpful:

  • Practice expansion

  • Critical employees on leave

  • Biller attrition

  • New processes or program implementation

  • Mergers or acquisitions

  • Practice management software changes

TempDev's NextGen biller staff augmentation services can get you through these periods and free you from making permanent changes to your staff while increasing financial returns and efficiency. If you are a healthcare provider, having a backup staffing plan well trained in billing and NextGen ensures your likelihood of success. Contact us if you're ready to discuss the specific details of your needs and custom tailor a solution.

When You Need NextGen Biller Staff Augmentation

Keeping your billing up-to-date is essential to any medical practice. Patients will not pay until they receive a statement, and insurance companies certainly will not pay claims without the proper billing procedures. And if you fall too far behind in billing, the patient's claim may never be paid since insurance companies have strict deadlines. While some health insurance companies allow 365 days for claims to be filed, others have a much shorter time period, such as 45 or 90 days.

Just like any business, healthcare providers can have busy times. Often, the flu season strains the system to the max. Your practice can easily end up behind on billing, especially if your employees become ill at the same time. You may also have employees out on maternity leave or family leave, which leaves you shorthanded and struggling to keep up.

Finally, you may open a new clinic or expand a current one, which means you'll need help getting your billing up and running. You may not wish to hire permanent workers at the beginning because you won't know how many you will need. Also, training new workers takes a great deal of time that you may not have as you start this new endeavor. Using TempDev's NextGen billing staff augmentation services can solve your employee shortage and keep your revenue stream running at full force.

The TempDev Advantage

Some providers hesitate to outsource billing temporarily because they have concerns about efficiency and coordination with their current staff. Also, they often worry that the cost of the service is prohibitive. TempDev's TempBill service offerings have addressed these issues, making their biller staff augmentation service an excellent fit for most providers, no matter the size of their practice. With TempBill, you get the following advantages that many other companies simply do not offer:

  • They provide billers to assist with cleaning up backlogs of credit balances, accounts receivable, unposted payments, and unworked tasks. Since the billers are immediately productive, you should see increased revenue in a matter of weeks.

  • TempBill does not require a set commitment beyond a month at a time. You get the help you need only for as long as you need it.

  • TempBill can be used to fill in for a single staff member or several when they are out on leave. You do not have to commit to a significant staff augmentation.

  • They provide oversight management on the billers, so you don't have to worry about management issues with the temporary staff.

  • If you commit to a higher number of billers, TempBill provides revenue cycle SSRS report dashboards to assist with financial insight.

  • TempBill can handle as much or as little of the billing process as desired, from staff augmentation to full revenue cycle management. You can choose to outsource all of your billing if that works best for your practice.

  • The price for staff augmentation is affordable because TempBill charges flat-fees instead of a percentage of revenue collected. This process ensures that staff augmentation is a financially sound decision, you understand the financial commitment in the beginning, and your cash can be posted without paying a percentage of it.

  • Because the roles of augmented staff are clearly defined, your full-time employees will not worry that you are planning to eliminate their positions. In fact, your team will benefit from the help and find their jobs less stressful. You can retain your beloved staff and be caught up with your billing!

  • You benefit as well because you won't have to hire and then layoff workers due to fluctuations in the workload, an unpleasant task at best.

In addition to these benefits, you won't have to train these workers on your software. TempBill creates a standard operating procedure (SOP) with you, and their billers follow and audit based on it. They can handle the work from day one, so you don't lose time training or managing. Instead, you can focus on patient care, knowing that your billing concerns are being resolved.

TempBill's NextGen biller staff augmentation can improve the effectiveness and culture at your medical practice. So much depends on getting billing out in a timely manner. When that process is flawed, it affects all of your employees and your patients as well. Without a steady revenue flow, your practice cannot function as it should. Even your non-billing staff often ends up focusing on paperwork, which can compromise patient care.

By using TempBill staff augmentation, you only commit to the help you need during the times that you need it. You are freed from making temp hires on your own or laying off staff once billing problems are resolved. Plus, you should see an increase in revenue almost immediately once patient claims and bills are processed as they should be. TempBill offers staffing solutions as well as a variety of products that improve your NextGen EPM software. They have the solutions for today's complex healthcare issues. Contact us at 888.TEMP.DEV or visiting us here to discuss your needs.


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