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What is Carequality?

What is Carequality?

Carequality is a non-profit organization that develops interoperability standards for Electronic Health Records (EHRs). Carequality works with public, private, and government stakeholders to build consensus on interoperability policies and drive improvements in data sharing processes and procedures. The Carequality Interoperability Framework makes sharing data and coordinating care easier. Many leading EHR vendors, including Epic and NextGen, have adopted the Carequality Framework to reduce paperwork, improve patients' health, and lower costs.  

What Is the Carequality Interoperability Framework? 

The Carequity Interoperability Framework is a set of policies governing data sharing among adopting organizations. The Framework includes data standards, legal requirements, acceptable use policies, and data security policies. All Framework elements are developed in consultation with stakeholders, including physicians, EHR vendors, government agencies, and payers.   Hundreds of thousands of physicians nationwide share data using the Carequality Interoperability Framework. Access to this broad network of physicians can help your practice coordinate care. Data sharing and care coordination can reduce duplicative testing, improve health outcomes, lower costs, and improve quality measurement. 

Why Is the Carequality Interoperability Framework Important for Providers? 

Your NextGen EHR system includes an interoperability platform called NextGen Share that meets the standards of the Carequality Interoperability Framework. With NextGen Share, your practice can share data and coordinate care across thousands of providers, health systems, pharmacies, payers, and registries. Like all EHRs that have adopted the Carequality Framework, NextGen Share is vendor agnostic, so your practice does not need to worry about managing cross-platform data transfers. The Carequality Framework can also help make your practice eligible for Medicare Incentive Payment System (MIPS) bonuses. Under MIPS, your practice can receive up to 40 points for meeting the "HIE Bi-directional Exchange" interoperability measure.  

How TempDev Can Help With Carequality

If your practice is struggling to meet interoperability requirements or fulfill data requests, TempDev's NextGen experts can help. NextGen has adopted the Carequality Interoperability Framework, which means your NextGen software has all of the tools you need to share data and coordinate care. TempDev can help you improve your data-sharing processes with training, workflow redesign, and NextGen customizations. Call us at 888.TEMP.DEV or contact us here for help with data sharing and interoperability.     


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