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What is a Community Health Center (CHC)?

What is a Community Health Center (CHC)?

A Community Health Center (CHC) is a medical facility that offers a comprehensive range of affordable healthcare services. A CHC aims to provide access to preventative and primary care to underserved patients 

At TempDev, we help you better manage your CHC with support for electronic health records (EHRs). Our templates and resources allow your providers to better document patient care while assisting you in finding ways to better manage, track, and share information.  

What Is the Community Health Center?

A Community Health Center (CHC) is a nonprofit, patient-governed organization. It’s organized as a private, community-directed organization. It works to improve the health and wellness of its community and patients. It is facilitated through Medicaid, Medicare, and grants that help target many groups that need quality care.

What Are the Benefits of a CHC?

Community Health Centers (CHC) are patient-centered facilities that assist with providing healthcare regardless of the patient's ability to pay. These types of care systems are popular in underserved areas. Here are a few of the benefits: 

    At TempDev, we help you better understand the functions and features of your EHR systems. So you can better address the needs of your CHC practice while guiding your patients' treatment, managing their personal information (medical history, medication, labs, and tests), and offering educational resources. 

    With our team of consultants, TempDev offers the expertise and support you need to navigate your NextGen EHR systems in a Community Health Center, with all the tips and recommendations you need to succeed with your medical practices and billing procedures. 


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