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What is a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF)? 

What is a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF)? 

A skilled nursing facility (SNF) often employs a variety of licensed medical specialists, including physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech pathologists. In addition to necessary medical and rehabilitative services, patients at skilled nursing facilities also receive help with activities for daily living (ADLs). 

What Is a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF)? 

A skilled nursing facility (SNF) offers an in-patient environment with a variety of licensed medical specialists on staff to provide daily assistance to patients along with necessary medical treatments and rehabilitative services. However, unlike nursing homes, patients at SNFs are generally only there on a short-term basis (weeks or months) until they are considered sufficiently rehabilitated.    

Skilled nursing facilities are highly regulated by the federal government, which could leave them liable if they are accused of patient discrimination, improper care, or breaching an individual's state and/or federal rights. While generally more expensive than other nursing facilities, the cost of an SNF is often covered at least in part by Medicare, Medicaid, or private health insurance. 

When Is a Skilled Nursing Facility Helpful? 

Skilled nursing facilities are not like standard nursing homes. While nursing homes provide around-the-clock care for elderly patients, often on a permanent basis, a skilled nursing facility aims to rehabilitate patients and ultimately help them either return home or enter a long-term care facility.   

Additionally, while nursing homes generally only service the elderly, patients of all ages may enter a skilled nursing facility (SNF) if they require 24/7 care and assistance while receiving rehabilitative treatment. The level of care offered by an SNF is also greater than that of nursing homes, and it is equivalent to the nursing services offered in hospitals.  

As such, a patient may be sent to a skilled nursing facility when mental and/or physical rehabilitation is required, especially following hospitalization. For that reason, an SNF is often the mid-point after a patient is released from a hospital before they are sent home to return to their normal lifestyle.  

How TempDev Can Help You Work With a SNF

TempDev’s team of experienced consultants, developers, and trainers are here to support enhanced accessibility, as well as customized features and templates. This enables you and your patients to have more control over data with improved transparency. By finding a coordinated way for providers to work with SNFs, patients are empowered

As part of our streamlining process, we help you implement the Patient Portal, API, and other tools to better support safety, patient engagement, and security. From dashboards to automation and workflow redesign, TempDev offers the comprehensive resources and tools you need to ensure proper interoperability with various APIs. 

Contact us here or by calling us at 888.TEMP.DEV to begin utilizing APIs.


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