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What is Medicare Advantage?

What is Medicare Advantage?

More than 24 million Americans are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan, which is a private payer alternative to Medicare. These plans are for individuals who are 65+ years of age or those who have special needs or disabilities. Physicians can accept Medicare Advantage enrollees from multiple healthcare plans or work exclusively through a Medicare Advantage network. Either way, TempDev can help providers simplify their NextGen electronic health records (EHRs) and streamline the entire process.

Medicare Advantage (MA), also known as Medicare Part C, is a different way of accessing Medicare Part A (hospital or in-patient care coverage) and Part B (clinic, doctor's office, or outpatient care coverage) benefits. Instead of signing up for traditional Medicare, patients can sign up for a private payer plan that CMS helps fund to offer competing health plan options that may better meet the needs of patients. 

The private insurance companies must cover everything in the standard Part A and Part B. They may include prescription (Part D) coverage as well as hearing, dental, and vision care services. Depending on the Medical Advantage plan, they may even cover wheelchair ramp installation, shower grips, and even meal delivery. 

What Are the Benefits? 

Medicare Advantage may cost patients as much as 40% less than traditional Medicare Supplement plans. Here are just a few key benefits of Medicare Advantage. 

    Of course, Medicare Advantage can mean that patients are limited in certain ways. For example, patients may be limited by the medical providers or doctors they can see. They also may need additional authorizations for procedures. Patients should understand how their Medicare Advantage plan's rules, regulations, and coverage options can affect patients and the physician's practice.

    As providers work with Medicare Advantage plans, it's more important than ever that they manage their patient's risks and manage their care. TempDev can help you reduce risks and improve the entire medical billing process.  

    How TempDev Can Help You With Medicare Advantage

    TempDev’s team of experienced consultants, developers, and trainers is here to support enhanced accessibility and customized features and templates. This enables you and your patients to have more control over data with improved transparency. 

    As part of our streamlining process, we help you implement the Patient Portal, API, and other tools to better support safety, patient engagement, and security. TempDev offers the comprehensive resources and tools you need to ensure compliance from dashboards to automation and workflow redesign. 

    Contact us here or by calling us at 888.TEMP.DEV to assist in reducing your risk exposure in your participation with Medicare Advantage plans.


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