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What is Health Information Management (HIM)?


Health Information Management (HIM) is the systematic use of digital health data and health information technology. HIM contributes to improved patient care quality and your patients are also more confident when your practice uses electronic devices to facilitate healthcare.

With Health Information Management (HIM), you collect, store, analyze, and protect your patient health information (PHI). As you continue to integrate your practice's digital health applications including your practice management and electronic health records (EHRs) systems, TempDev helps you fill in the gaps to ensure improved performance, engagement, and outcomes. 

What Are the Benefits of Health Information Management (HIM)?

HIM offers a range of benefits for your organization. Here are just a few of the benefits of data management. 

  • Patient Engagement: HIM allows you to better connect with your patients utilizing telehealth, patient portals, and remote patient management options to better support your practice needs. This allows patients to play an active role in improving their health.
  • Clinical Decision Making: With the wealth of data, HIM gives you more information to educate, treat, and manage the patients in your practice. 
  • Health Outcomes: HIM allows you to track disease trends, adherence, and cohorts to improve the outcomes of your patients.
  • Comprehensive Insights: With HIM, you can better predict and understand the status, success rates, treatments, and medical decisions. 

How Does TempDev Assist?

TempDev works with you so you can take full advantage of the benefits of Health Information Management. We consult with you to achieve efficient, cost-effective, and high-quality care objectives while easily integrating with your patient-facing digital tools. 

With our resources and consulting, TempDev works with you to ensure that your EHR/EMR systems can support patient engagement including remote patient monitoring (RPM) and telehealth for your staff and patients. We support your patient engagement initiatives to ensure you can support streamlined appointment scheduling, accessibility to doctors and staff via chat and telehealth visits, distribution of patient treatment care education, and the processing of medical billing. 

Call TempDev at 888.TEMP.DEV today or click here to learn how they can help you with your information management initiatives. 


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