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Come Meet Team TempDev at NextGen UGM 2022!

Come Meet Team TempDev at NextGen UGM 2022!

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Yeehaw, Nashville, here we come! It is so great to get back together in person at NextGen UGM 2022 again after 3 very long years! They say the more things change, the more they stay the same – but there is always one constant: the need to upgrade. No matter where you are in the process – already upgraded, in the middle of upgrading, or not even started yet – we cannot wait to share some of our insights, best practices, and optimization solutions to ensure your success. 

Our approach is a personalized one. You will be able to spend quality time with TempDev’s best and brightest consultants who can walk you through our latest and greatest products and solutions. Engaging with you directly allows us to fully understand your organization’s specific needs. We strive to listen to your objectives and partner together to build a clear path to meet your goals.

NextGen UGM 2022 is your opportunity to learn, network, and help your practice improve patient care. Don't forget to save time for a stop at TempDev's Expo Hall booth to learn about how our consultants, developers, and trainers can support your practice.

TempDev’s industry-leading NextGen support services can help your practice thrive. Our services are always personalized to meet your unique needs. From patient flows and quality reporting to upgrades and revenue cycle management, TempDev can help your practice with all things NextGen.

What You'll Find at TempDev's NextGen UGM Booth

It can be challenging for practices to keep up with EHR best practices, upgrades, and new features. The NextGen UGM Conference is an excellent opportunity for your practice to build your NextGen skills and support network.

TempDev offers personalized third-party support to all types of ambulatory care practices. Stop by Booth 209 in the Expo Hall to meet our CEO and consultants and learn more about how we can help you get more out of your NextGen EHR and EPM. You can also schedule a one-on-one follow-up consultation to discuss how TempDev can meet your practice's specific needs. 

TempDev is your one-stop shop for NextGen consulting, upgrades, and support. Here are a few highlights of what you can expect when you stop by our booth.

TempDev Consulting

TempDev's consultants are NextGen experts. They can guide you through any EHR challenges. Our consultants can plan and implement upgrades and data migrations to ensure the work is done on time and on budget. We also specialize in EHR workflow redesign to support better appointment flows and streamline billing.

TempDev can also help your practice maximize revenue. Our consultants can help you create custom dashboards and reports to increase your performance and keep track of your revenue cycle. We will also review medical billing processes to identify bottlenecks and pain points and suggest solutions.

Our consulting team also includes NextGen trainers. Training is a simple, cost-effective way to prevent physician burnout. We can create individualized training plans to bring your staff up to speed on the latest NextGen features. 

Stop by our booth to meet our consultants and learn about our NextGen services.

NextGen Upgrades

NextGen upgrades keep your system compliant with the latest regulatory requirements and ensure you have access to the latest EHR and EPM features. But upgrading your NextGen system can feel overwhelming, especially for a complicated practice. TempDev's developers and consultants can help you upgrade your NextGen system with minimal disruption.

NextGen 6.2021.1 includes important new features to help your practice conduct virtual visits, share data, and comply with the Cures Act. Let TempDev help you with data to get your upgrade done right.

Patient Portal Migration

If your practice hasn't upgraded to the latest NextGen Patient Portal (Nextgen PxP Portal), now is the time. The new and improved Patient Portal is fully compliant with Cures Act requirements. Plus, it includes features like patient self-scheduling, out-of-pocket cost estimators, and easy online payment options.

Upgrading to the PxP Portal will help you stay compliant and improve patient satisfaction. Team TempDev team can help you plan and implement your upgrade so that it doesn't interfere with your practice.

Stop by our NextGen UGM 2022 booth to learn more about the new PxP features and how they can help your practice improve the patient experience.


For the first in-person NextGen UGM Conference since 2019, TempDev is rolling out the royal TempDev-blue carpet with brand new merch. Clients old and new can stop by for stickers, temporary tattoos, and the best pens in town. 

How TempDev Can Help Your Practice With NextGen

Your NextGen EHR and EPM system can help you provide high-quality patient care more efficiently. With TempDev’s services, you can get more out of your EHR. No problem is too big or too small for our expert team.

In addition to consulting, upgrades, and Patient Portal migration, TempDev offers templates, reports, and dashboards to simplify data entry and reporting. A few of our most popular templates include:

    Through TempBill, TempDev also offers outsourced billing and revenue cycle support. If your practice needs billing help, TempBill provides temporary, medical billing specialists. Temporary staffing can cover planned leave or fill staffing shortages. We also offer revenue cycle outsourcing or co-sourcing to reduce the burden of medical billing and revenue cycle management. With TempBill's help, your practice can spend more time focusing on your core mission — patient care.

    Whether your practice is new to NextGen or looking to improve, TempDev has the tools and services you need to make your practice more efficient.  

    Get More Out of NextGen UGM 2022 With TempDev

    TempDev is excited to be back in person for the NextGen UGM Conference 2022. Join us in Nashville to learn how you can get more out of your EHR and EPM system. Our consultants, developers, and trainers can help you configure your system and your workflows to see more patients in less time. We hope to see clients old and new in the Expo Hall this November.

    Call us at 888.TEMP.DEV, contact us here or stop by our NextGen UGM Expo Hall booth to learn more about how TempDev can help your practice.


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