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Meet Aaron Ramsey: NextGen Director of PMO

Meet Aaron Ramsey: NextGen Director of PMO

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Aaron Ramsey, the Director of PMO at TempDev is the consultant you want to engage with when you need a successful, large-scale NextGen Enterprise PM & EHR implementation or upgrade. He brings a passion for technology to his projects, but it’s his experience that has made him an invaluable asset. Aaron’s knowledge base and dedication mean he brings pragmatic and attainable solutions, along with lean processes to every project he is leading. 

Aaron’s career began in Healthcare IT and operations as Director of Operations and Application Development at the Newport Orthopedic Institute. This is where he gained his NextGen, clinical, and IT experience. After that, he found his home at TempDev for the last 8 years, and couldn’t be happier flexing his excitement for all-things healthcare IT.  He completed the Project Management for Professionals Course at the prestigious Northwestern University and obtained his PMP from the Project Management Institute.

Aaron enjoys NextGen implementation engagements the most, which allow him to install tools that are essential for modern clinical business practices. His implementations have helped businesses improve their overall functionality, increase their bottom lines, and outperform their competitors. NextGen implementation means advancing healthcare businesses with advanced software that streamlines appointments, patient registration, medical billing, charting a patient's visit, and providing follow-up care.

While working on one of his first NextGen implementation projects, Aaron was lucky to meet Laura Miller, the Founder and CEO of TempDev. Aaron and Laura found they had more in common than an affection for all things NextGen.“I met Laura in 2010 at a conference, and we immediately bonded over our love for Madonna,” Aaron said. “A year or so later, I saw her again at a NextGen user group meeting. She mentioned that she had an open opportunity, convinced me that I would be perfect for TempDev, I applied, and the rest is history.”

Aaron, a TempDev veteran of 8 years, began his career working as a NextGen Business Analyst but quickly found a long-term home in project management. Today, he is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), but he wears several hats. He can never give up his passion for NextGen implementations. He facilitates NextGen training sessions to educate TempDev employees and clients, as well as stays forward-looking by working on NextGen upgrades for client resources. He truly is on a mission to keep TempDev at the forefront of NextGen innovation.  

Aaron finds inspiration everywhere, especially in his boss Laura. He draws from her mantra that just because the system doesn’t do something, doesn’t mean it can’t. This has led Aaron down a path of creative thinking with his clients to ensure they get the right solution that meets their needs. Even when everyone else has told the client it can't happen. 

What I really love are difficult projects; I thrive amid chaos when everything seems to be going south and people don't know what to do,” Aaron Ramsey said.

It was that attitude that saved a project a few years back. Back then, the standard practice for upgrading NextGen included a path for the NextGen application itself and then updating clinical content templates (KBM). The process was often needlessly complex because it required first updating the core NextGen application and then doing all the gap analysis and template development needed to upgrade the KBM clinical content. One of TempDev’s largest clients was eager to speed up the process and wanted to perform both at the same time. It had to be all at once, and Aaron was among the first to lead this initiative. He and his team successfully upgraded the client and saved the day. Many clients have come to realize how much easier the process is to do together and it is now standard practice when upgrading NextGen systems. 

Aaron reflects on that success as a stand-out moment in his career at TempDev. Another memorable project required not only completing the project on a tight timeline but also reassessing some initial work that another consulting firm had done. The former firm's ideas simply weren’t working for the client. It was up to Aaron to sell his expertise, repair the client's perception of the NextGen system, and transform a client let down by their previous consulting firm.  

I was brought in as a NextGen subject matter expert to look at the implementation and establish where it all went wrong,” Aaron said. “I wrote them five pages of recommendations and now Team TempDev team leads the project going forward.”

Aaron understands that the best businesses don’t play it completely safe. They go above and beyond to innovate and problem solve. 

“I flourish and find personal satisfaction when engaged on projects that aren’t going the right way and people don’t know what to do. We’ve seen it, handled it, experienced it, and that’s where I like to help. Where other people say no, we will say yes. I shine best when I am able to turn a project around and win clients over.”

It’s not all work for Aaron Ramsey. When he’s not saying yes to TempDev clients, he’s traveling or home with his fiance and two dogs: Gus and Milo. He enjoys tacos and game nights with his family and friends. Many of Aaron’s colleagues are like family to him, and they’re regulars at the game nights he hosts. 

While it is true that Aaron Ramsey is one among many diverse and talented staff members at TempDev, he is truly one in a million. He goes above and beyond to ensure your NextGen systems run smoothly and efficiently. 

Contact us here or at 888.TEMP.DEV, if you would like to work with solution-seekers like Aaron Ramsey on your NextGen implementation or upgrade and he will be happy to help.


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