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How TempDev Has Prepped NextGen EHR for COVID-19 Vaccines

How TempDev Has Prepped NextGen EHR for COVID-19 Vaccines

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved three COVID-19 vaccines for use in adults. These include two-shot vaccines from Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna and a one-shot vaccine from Johnson & Johnson. More vaccine approvals are on the horizon. The Biden Administration also directed states to make vaccines available to all adults by April 19, 2021. As vaccines become more widely available, your practice will have a critical role to play in getting all eligible adults vaccinated.

If you have not updated your NextGen EHR software to allow your providers to chart and bill for COVID-19 vaccines, time is running out. The NextGen experts at TempDev can help you get your NextGen EHR ready.

Here is how TempDev has prepared NextGen EHR systems for COVID-19 vaccines.

Update Your NextGen EHR to Chart and Bill for COVID-19 Vaccines

To chart and bill for COVID-19 vaccines, you need to add three types of codes to your NextGen system. These include each vaccine’s National Drug Code (NDC), CVX codes, and Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes. Your practice will use these codes to document COVID-19 vaccine administration and bill the correct payer. To ensure complete documentation and billing, you need to run the latest Medication Module Update and add CPT codes to your Service Item (SIM) Library.

NextGen is providing updates to the Medication Module as the FDA approves additional vaccines. To keep up with approvals and any coding changes, you will need to update your NextGen Medication Module frequently. TempDev developers can help you process these updates without disrupting patient care or your workflows. TempDev’s staff can also help you update your Service Item Library to ensure the COVID-19 vaccine codes are available to providers during patient visits. 

TempDev Created the NextGen COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Template

TempDev created the COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic NextGen EHR Template to simplify vaccine administration and billing. This template lets you document and bill for vaccines and their administration in just a few clicks per patient. You do not even need to open individual patient charts to complete all documentation and billing requirements. If your practice is planning to administer a high volume of COVID-19 vaccines, the COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Template will save you crucial time.

Your practice has a critical role to play in ending the COVID-19 pandemic. TempDev’s NextGen templates can help you focus on vaccinating as many patients as possible. The COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Template lets you document the CDC Prevaccination Checklist without opening patients’ charts. It can also schedule a second-dose appointment with just two clicks. And the template helps you bill the right payers for the administration of each of the existing vaccines, helping you avoid claims denials and requests for further documentation.

The COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Template works with existing NextGen tools like the Vaccine Inventory and the Immunization Registry Interfaces. You can use the data you enter through the template to keep track of your vaccine inventory. You can also seamlessly meet public health reporting requirements and share data with other providers. The COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Template helps you keep track of vaccine priority for each of your patients. With this information, you can comply with requirements from state or county Immunization Information Systems like NYSIIS

TempDev Can Help You Set Up Your COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic

Beyond the COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Template, TempDev can help you implement other tools to make your COVID-19 vaccine clinic run more smoothly. TempDev can configure your NextGen Patient Portal to allow patients to self-schedule vaccine appointments. This approach saves your staff time and helps patients find appointments that fit their schedules. You can also use the NextGen Patient Portal to schedule and remind patients of follow-up appointments to receive their second vaccine dose.

TempDev can also help you integrate NextGen’s Vaccine Inventory Solution into your COVID-19 vaccination workflows. With this tool, your users can easily access information about vaccine supply right in your EHR. You can also keep track of vaccine supply across your practice sites. This will help you adjust appointment scheduling and staffing as needed to manage your vaccine supply.

Your practice is a critical source of trusted information about the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines. The information you provide to high-risk or vaccine-hesitant populations in your community may help to boost vaccine take-up and save lives. TempDev can help you write NextGen EHR reports identifying patients who may be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. Armed with this data, you can conduct targeted outreach to fill your vaccine appointments.

TempDev Created the NextGen COVID-19 Testing Clinic Template

The COVID-19 vaccine rollout has not ended the need for COVID-19 testing. If your practice is struggling to document and bill for COVID-19 tests, TempDev can help. TempDev’s COVID-19 Testing Clinic NextGen EHR Template lets you chart, result, and bill for COVID-19 tests in just a few clicks. Like the COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Template, the COVID-19 Testing Clinic Template helps you run a high-volume testing clinic without opening individual patient charts. You can also log symptoms and add results directly in the template.

TempDev Can Help You Prepare Your EHR for COVID-19 Vaccines

TempDev specializes in NextGen EHR and EPM systems. TempDev’s developers and consultants can help you set up your NextGen EHR to chart and bill for COVID-19 vaccines. With the proper NextGen setup, you can vaccinate more patients in less time. This saves you money and helps you protect your community from COVID-19.

Call us at 888.TEMP.DEV or contact us here to get started preparing your NextGen EHR for COVID-19 vaccines.


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