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Ordering and resulting COVID-19 tests in individual patient charts can take a significant amount of time. That is why TempDev has developed the COVID-19 Testing Clinic Template for your NextGen EHR. This new template simplifies the process of ordering tests and charting results, and it is designed to streamline your workflow and save you time. Here are the key features of the new COVID-19 Testing Clinic Template.

COVID-19 Testing Is Disrupting Practice Workflows

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended practice and clinic workflows. Practices have had to create new safety procedures and fully integrate telehealth visits into their existing workflows. Additionally, many practices and clinics are seeing increases in patient requests for COVID-19 testing. Conducting large volumes of such testing may require your practice or clinic to update your workflows to accommodate new laboratories, adjust coding and billing, and rapidly record and report results.

If your practice or clinic is ordering large volumes of COVID-19 testing, you may be spending significant time placing orders, recording results, and updating individual patient charts. This piecemeal approach takes away time you could be spending with patients, and it also can lead to delayed, lost, or inaccurate orders and results. With TempDev's NextGen EHR COVID-19 Testing Clinic Template, you can streamline your testing workflow, saving your practice or clinic time. You can also ensure that orders and results are consistently and automatically saved to each patient's chart, improving the accuracy of your patient's medical history.

TempDev's COVID-19 Testing Clinic Template Can Save You Time

TempDev's NextGen COVID-19 Testing Clinic Template is designed to let you order and record the results of tests quickly and easily. The template allows:

  • Seamlessly with the NextGen Order Module and your interfaced lab vendors.

  • Place orders and enter results without opening individual patients' charts, saving you time.

  • Run a high-volume testing clinic with only a few clicks per patient.

  • Configure for COVID-19 & Flu tests at the same time.

  • Auto-populate vendor, lab test, diagnosis code, source & site information.

  • Use multiple lab vendors (inhouse & external) with both antigen and PCR tests.

  • Answer AOE questions with ease.

  • Print lab requisitions to send to outside lab vendors.

  • Automatically generates and saves a chart visit document for each patient's chart, saving you charting time.

  • Integrates with the NextGen Orders Module.

  • Configure custom questionnaires to capture & save required patient info.

Key Features of the COVID-19 Order/Result Template

The COVID-19 Order/Result Template lets you order and chart tests with ease. You can search for patients and auto-populate the vendor, lab test, diagnosis code, source, and site information based on the selections you made in the Configuration Template. If a patient doesn't have an appointment, the template can automatically generate an appointment when you order the test. It will also automatically generate a lab requisition and chart summary and save them to your patient's chart. The template seamlessly integrates with the NextGen Orders Module, so you only have to enter your test order once.

You can also use the Order/Result Template to record COVID-19 test results from non-interfaced labs or for rapid-tests. The template allows you to search for a patient, choose the result from your pre-selected result options, and update your patient's chart automatically. This approach saves you time over opening individual patient's charts, and it ensures that results are recorded consistently across patients.

NextGen EHR COVID-19 Testing Template

Key Features of the Configuration Template

The Configuration Template allows you to preset standard items to make ordering COVID-19 tests fast and easy. For example, you can assign default lab vendors for each of your practice or clinic locations so providers do not need to search for the right lab each time they order a test. You can also set up a list of questions and answers (AOE) to be captured with each COVID-19 testing order. These standard questions can be used to capture and chart patient symptoms like fevers. The Configuration Template also lets you choose default result options to populate a drop-down menu in the Order/Results Template. Standardizing your result options will save you time when entering paper or faxed test results from non-interfaced labs.

Real Clients, Real Results

TempDev partnered with a long-time client to develop this template in order to deliver a quality product. That client has been successfully using the template:

  • At 28 different locations

  • With two lab vendors

  • For thousands of labs in a single week

  • Without any impact on system performance

Contact us today to see what a difference it can make in your practice!

The TempDev Difference

If your practice or clinic is ordering large volumes of COVID-19 testing, reach out to TempDev to see a demonstration of the new COVID-19 Testing Clinic Template for your NextGen EHR. TempDev's consultants have deep experience helping practices and clinics implement and optimize their NextGen EHR. They developed the COVID-19 Testing Clinic Template to save you time and improve your COVID-19 testing workflow.

Call us at 888.TEMP.DEV, or contact us here to learn more or schedule a demo of our new COVID-19 Testing Clinic Template. 


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