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Improve Patient Satisfaction with NextGen EHR

Improve Patient Satisfaction with NextGen EHR

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The healthcare industry is more open to embracing technological advancements geared at improving the quality of healthcare, increasing patient satisfaction, and reducing physician burnout. Electronic health records (EHR) and electronic medical records (EMR) are among the most critical technical tools in the healthcare setting. It affects patient satisfaction due to its unique features, such as easy access to patient information, research, and e-services. However, finding factual information highlighting the benefits of technology, such as EHR, can be daunting because its data is scattered and extremely varied at each healthcare organization. Exploring the concept of NextGen EHR and its interaction with patients and physicians can highlight how it affects the physician-patient relationship and how it influences patient satisfaction.

What is EHR or EMR?

Electronic Health Records (EHR) or electronic medical records (EMR) refers to the digitalization of patient information stored in computer systems. These records are accessible to authorized healthcare workers across a healthcare provider's information system. EHR allows physicians to track patient health information, their medication list, billing status, contact information, and other relevant information. Physicians use EHRs to reference a patient's records and input new data at the primary point of care.

NextGen EHR Offers Assistance with Patient Satisfaction

NextGen EHR directly affects patient satisfaction in several ways. Firstly, it offers an extensive look into a patient's medical history at first glance, which provides a deeper understanding of the case. With access to detailed medical history, healthcare workers can better interact with the patient and seek more relevant information. In some instances, patients don't recall dates or names or procedures done or medications ordered. With the integration of Carequality, NextGen EHR can query national databases of records and securely receive results from hospitals and other physicians using an EHR. A provider can choose to import these histories before a patient meets with a physician, ensuring an accurate record and complete picture of the patient's history. The EHR allows for more mental space for the physicians as they weave through large amounts of data and offer a diagnosis and treatment plan. 

NextGen EHR also provides additional time during consultations. By utilizing support staff to enter vital elements, allowed with their license, into the EHR such as the reason for visit, past histories, allergies, medications, and related symptoms, the provider can focus their time on face-to-face consultation instead of looking at a screen entering information. Studies reveal that amount of time spent between physicians and patients is directly proportional to patient satisfaction.

Previously, during a consultation, time was spent looking for the patient file, reading through numerous pages to identify relevant history, and searching for the right fill-out forms for additional data. NextGen EHR usability focuses on significantly improving these processes by availing all of that information within a single NextGen EHR template. With extra time, physicians can note body movements, facial expressions, and tell-tale signs that would better inform the diagnosis. Also, patients can use this interaction to question the meaning of terminologies, diagnosis, and consequent prescriptions.

Optimize Your NextGen EHR To Improve Patient Satisfaction

There are different ways in which practices could enhance NextGen EHR to increase patient satisfaction. One of the significant limitations of providers when using EHR is limited mastery of the NextGen EHR. Hence, they spend a lot of time figuring out the system, with less focus on the patients. Regular NextGen EHR training would remedy this issue by sufficiently equipping healthcare providers with the technological skills required to maneuver the EHR systems without difficulties, resulting in more eye contact with the patient and increased patient and physician satisfaction. 

Another way a practice can enhance their NextGen EHR system is by mastering your NextGen EHR workflow. By doing a thorough analysis of unique workflows and having an in-depth understanding of NextGen EHR's capabilities, a group can make decisions to customize or configure templates or change workflows to increase efficiencies resulting in both patient and provider satisfaction. 

TempDev Can Help Increase Patient Satisfaction

Less time spent on the EHR and more time used to focus on the patient will enhance patient and provider satisfaction. It remains critical for providers to master NextGen EHR and utilize it without compromising the patient relationship or increasing physician burnout

The relationship between the use of EHR and patient satisfaction may not always be straightforward. However, optimization techniques can remedy this, such as training, technical and customer support, custom solutions, and integration. At TemDev, we collaborate with your organization to provide customized solutions that address your issues at an individual level to improve the quality of healthcare and increase patient satisfaction. Contact us today at 888.TEMP.DEV to see how we can help your group increase patient satisfaction.


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