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Get the most out of your NextGen EHR implementation or project with TempDev's expert planning and support! At TempDev, we understand that NextGen EHR implementation requires all hands on deck. Our staff of experienced consultants and PMP-Certified Project Managers stands ready to help. Our consultants are experts in analysis, business requirements, training, workflow design, documentation, and go-live support. We will work with you to meet all your business needs throughout the lifecycle of your project.

The training that is required to teach staff and providers to use NextGen EHR is one of the largest and most important aspects of not only your success, but the overall adoption, sustainment, and satisfaction with the system. TempDev attributes success and satisfaction rates based on our focus to customize and incorporate “your” process design and workflows into all aspects of our training program.

Make your project a success with TempDev's NextGen trainers, consultants, and Project Managers.

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