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What is the OASIS Data Set?

What is the OASIS Data Set?

The Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS) is the patient-specific, standardized assessment used in Medicare and Medicaid home healthcare. The information collected in an OASIS assessment is known as the OASIS data set.

OASIS assessments are used to plan care, determine reimbursement, and measure the quality of home healthcare. OASIS is completed at various stages of the patient experience, including admission, discharge, and transfer. OASIS data sets are collected via direct observation and interviewing the care recipient.

What is the Purpose of OASIS?

OASIS data sets help Medicare and Medicaid calculate reimbursement amounts for home healthcare patients. Information from the assessments is used to assign patients to a Home Health Resource Group (HHRG). The HHRG that a patient belongs to helps determine reimbursement rates under the Prospective Payment System (PPS).

In addition, OASIS provides empirical data for measuring the quality of care. Care and services are tracked over time, and patient outcomes are analyzed. Standards like effectiveness, efficiency, timeliness, and safety are measured.

The results of these analyses then inform plans for future care. OASIS data sets are used to improve the quality of home healthcare.

Who Collects OASIS Data?

Clinicians, registered nurses, therapists, and other home healthcare professionals are required to collect OASIS data regularly. Health IT systems are used to aid the assessment and data collection process.

The assessments are mandatory for all non-maternity and non-pediatric beneficiaries.

Updates, OASIS-C and OASIS-E

In 2010, a new version of OASIS was implemented that added more data points to the assessment. Known as OASIS-C, the primary goal of this revision was to make the assessment process more comprehensive.

The assessment has received further updates since then. As of January 1, 2023, the OASIS-E standard is the current version.

How TempDev Can Help With the OASIS Data Set

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