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What is the Blue Button Initiative?

What is the Blue Button Initiative?

The Blue Button initiative is a coordinated effort between American government agencies and healthcare companies to simplify access for patients to their health information. Participating websites feature a blue button that, when clicked, allows for easy downloading or printing of personal health records.

Since it was first introduced in 2010, the Blue Button initiative has been a major US government-led healthcare IT project. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) are among the participating federal agencies.

Requirements for the Blue Button

The federal government provides guidance on implementing the Blue Button on its HealthIT.gov website. Separate instructions are provided for healthcare providers, electronic health record developers, and vendors, and all directions are meant to help patients access their records in various systems.

In all cases, the Blue Button must be used to identify electronic access to health data. Information made available via the button should be human-readable. Machine-readable formats are acceptable, too, as long as a free viewer app is available.

The Blue Button offers access to patient data in various ways, including downloading, printing, and transmitting to another electronic system.

Which Information is Available with the Blue Button?

Nearly all of a patient's medical records can be made available via the Blue Button. According to the VA, some of the available data elements include:

    Other data available in electronic medical records systems can also be made available with the Blue Button.

    How TempDev Can Help With the Blue Button Initiative

    TempDev’s team of NextGen consultants, developers, and trainers can help you implement, switch, or even upgrade your current EHR system. From dashboardstemplates, and reports to revenue cycle consulting, automation, and workflow redesign, TempDev offers the tools you need to make the most of your NextGen EHR system.

    Our team is here to help you design, organize, and implement the whole system, with top tips and guidance based on industry best practices

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