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What is an Interface Engine? 

What is an Interface Engine? 

An interface engine is a software program that routes data across systems. In healthcare, interface engines often transfer information between EHRs, pharmacy and lab information systems, and hospital admission, discharge, and transfer (ADT) data systems. The interface engine software acts like a hub, helping data move seamlessly between other health IT and business systems. Many hospitals use interface engines to improve data flows between the hospital, lab, pharmacy, outpatient, and business systems. Rapid data sharing among systems improves patient care, reduces errors, and ensures accurate and timely payment. Practices can also use interface engine software to improve data flows between legacy systems and share data with hospitals and other providers. 

How Does an Interface Engine Work? 

An interface engine receives messages from multiple software systems and routes them to the appropriate recipient system. Interface engines rely on an international healthcare data-sharing standard, Health Level Seven (HL7). HL7 specifies a common data-sharing format, which makes it easier to export and import across systems. With an interface engine, your practice can reduce or eliminate manual data transfers, saving you time and money. 

How Does an Interface Engine Help Your Practice?

If your practice works closely with hospitals and pharmacies, an interface engine can easily help you share data between systems. Interface software can also connect legacy business systems to your EHR, reducing administrative burdens. Many EHRs have data-sharing platforms that make integration simple. For example, NextGen offers the Mirth(R) Connect interface engine to facilitate data sharing using HL7 and other formatting standards. 

How TempDev Can Help Your Practice Select and Implement an Interface Engine

TempDev's consultants and developers have deep expertise in NextGen and Mirth systems and interoperability requirements. If your practice is exploring ways to improve data sharing and data flows, an interface engine could help. Team TempDev has the expertise you need to help you select, customize, and implement the right software for your practice. Call us at 888.TEMP.DEV or contact us here for help with data sharing, interoperability, and interface engines.   


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