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What Is Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)?

What Is Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)?

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) uses a combination of wearable devices, patient self-reporting, and virtual visits to help healthcare providers improve outpatient care. Remote patient monitoring has a number of use cases for both acute and chronic conditions, including recovery after surgery. 

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) improves the convenience and quality of care for patients by connecting them with electronic tools for managing, reporting, and getting help from qualified medical professionals remotely.  

Remote patient monitoring can take many forms depending on the patient's needs and who provides the service, but it is increasingly incorporating more advanced technology. Some of the components of remote patient monitoring include wearable devices (e.g., heart monitors, blood pressure monitors, etc.) to minimize the need for patient self-reporting and create a constant stream of reliable, real-time data.   

With the advancement of telemedicine services, accessibility to telehealth visits is also becoming more widespread. Additionally, the associated security and reporting tools are increasingly capable of supporting patients in a variety of circumstances. As a result, RPM is becoming a commonplace solution to reduce the costs and complexity of patient care while improving outcomes. 

Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring

The concept of remote patient monitoring is not new. Studies going back as far as 2005 show that it is beneficial for reducing the average length of in-patient admissions while reducing complications.  

A more recent study from the University of Utah finds that adult participants in the oncology hospital-at-home program were 58% less likely to have an unplanned hospital stay during their first 30 days. Additionally, those who were admitted had shorter average stays than those who were not enrolled in the program.   

Overall, the benefits of RPM are clear: Better care, improved outcomes, and reduced cost for the entire healthcare system. 


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