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How to Set Up Your Monkeypox Vaccine Clinic

How to Set Up Your Monkeypox Vaccine Clinic

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Although monkeypox is a national public health emergency, and the virus is spreading rapidly, a safe and effective monkeypox vaccine called JYNNEOS is available. Supply limitations have constrained vaccination efforts, but more doses are coming. Now is the time to set up your monkeypox vaccine clinic to ensure the rapid delivery of vaccines to high-risk patients. Here is what your practice needs to know to set up an efficient monkeypox vaccine clinic. 

Get the TempDev NextGen EHR Monkeypox Vaccine Clinic Template

TempDev developed the NextGen EHR Monkeypox Vaccine Clinic Template to help practices chart and bill for the monkeypox vaccine. The template lets you document and submit claims for monkeypox vaccine administration without opening up individual patient's charts. In just a few clicks per patient, your staff can verify vaccine eligibility, identify potential counterindications, update each patient's chart, and generate all of the documentation you need for fast reimbursement.  The Monkeypox Vaccine Clinic Template is modeled after TempDev's popular Flu Vaccine Clinic Template and COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Template. It is user-friendly and requires little to no training, particularly for those practices familiar with TempDev's other vaccine clinic templates.  Your vaccine clinic is vital to stopping the spread of monkeypox. Don't let paperwork stand in the way of helping your community. The NextGen EHR Monkeypox Vaccine Clinic Template can help you see more patients in less time without sacrificing quality or risking denied claims. Reach out to TempDev for a demonstration today. 

Simplify Monkeypox Vaccine Appointment Scheduling

TempDev can configure the NextGen Patient Portal to automatically send appointment reminders and allow self-scheduling of monkeypox vaccine appointments. JYNNEOS is a two-dose vaccine that requires a follow-up appointment approximately four weeks after the initial vaccination. Automated reminders can help your practice reduce missed appointments, enabling you to vaccinate more patients. They also keep the two-dose sequence on track, giving your patients the peace of mind of full vaccination.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) currently limits monkeypox vaccination to those at high risk of exposure, including vulnerable populations like LGBTQ individuals. Self-service appointment scheduling via the NextGen Patient Portal may help to minimize stigma and encourage vaccination. Additionally, the monkeypox vaccine can be given within 4–14 days after exposure to prevent the disease. Because of this limited time window, patients may benefit from scheduling appointments online that fit their schedules.  Your practice can also use the NextGen Patient Portal to share monkeypox testing results and answer any patient questions about the vaccine or its side effects. Community-based practices are a vital source of public health information, and your practice can play an essential role in encouraging vaccination and stopping the spread of monkeypox.  

Use NextGen Tools To Manage Your Monkeypox Vaccine Inventory

Your NextGen EHR includes several tools to help you manage your monkeypox vaccine clinic. NextGen's Vaccine Inventory Tools helps track vaccine supply across all of your practice's sites. The tool makes it easy to identify and correct supply imbalances across sites. And TempDev's Monkeypox Vaccine Clinic Template is fully integrated with the Vaccine Inventory Tool to help streamline your operations.  Your NextGen EHR also includes the Immunization Registry Interfaces to support public health reporting. The CDC requires practices to report monkeypox vaccinations to the appropriate state or local Immunization Information System (IIS) within 72 hours of administration. The Monkeypox Vaccine Clinic Template is fully integrated with the Immunization Registry Interfaces tool, helping your practice gather and report data without time-consuming searches or data entry. 

Develop Monkeypox Vaccine Reports with Your NextGen EHR

NextGen's flexible reporting features can help your practice monitor the effectiveness of your monkeypox vaccine clinic. TempDev's developers can create custom reports to track key metrics like missed appointments, delays in receipt of the second vaccine dose, denied claims, and total reimbursements. NextGen reports let you see high-level information about your vaccine clinic's performance in one place so you can identify problems and correct them quickly.  NextGen's reporting tools can also help your practice identify high-risk patients who may benefit from monkeypox vaccination. Your practice can be a trusted source of information on the monkeypox vaccine, particularly for vulnerable or marginalized populations. By conducting confidential, non-stigmatizing outreach to potentially eligible patients, you can expand the scope of monkeypox vaccination and help slow the virus's spread. 

TempDev Can Help You Set Up Your Monkeypox Vaccine Clinic

TempDev's expert NextGen consultants and developers can help you leverage your EHR to set up an efficient monkeypox vaccine clinic. TempDev consultants can redesign your workflows to maximize patient throughput and ensure proper billing. Additionally, our developers can configure your Patient Portal and create custom reports and templates that fit your practice. You can save time and improve vaccine access with TempDev's custom tools like the Monkeypox Vaccine Clinic Template. 

Call us at 888.TEMP.DEV or contact us here to start setting up your monkeypox vaccine clinic. 


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