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Healthcare Project Management: Challenges and Benefits 

Healthcare Project Management: Challenges and Benefits 

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Healthcare Project Management offers important benefits to your organization, but as a Healthcare Project Manager, you’ll also face challenges. While you’re able to better mitigate the costs, you also face risks, particularly as you continue to improve your workflow and increase productivity.  

Ultimately, you need to face the risks and challenges while embracing the benefits as part of your healthcare project management. In this post, we explore healthcare project management, along with the benefits and challenges you’ll face. TempDev’s team of project management experts is standing by to help you realize the benefits and conquer the challenges.  

What Is Healthcare Project Management? 

Healthcare Project Management involves preparing, planning, and implementing projects within your organization, but you also must lead the project to ensure its successful completion. As the Healthcare Project Manager, you can adjust and mitigate the ebb and flow of issues that arise, while improving communication measures, keeping your team on track toward your deadlines, and staying within your budget. A huge benefit here is the support you receive from TempDev’s team of PMP-certified project managers. 

Why Is Healthcare Project Management Important? 

Healthcare Project Management not only means that you stay on task to successfully drive the completion of a project. It’s also streamlining the approach of better managing the project team while they can also support the needs of patients. With TempDev's support, you can quickly and easily plan and implement your project management project without worrying about the risks or roadblocks that could throw you off track.  

What Is Healthcare Project Management Software? 

Already 22% of medical organizations use Healthcare Project Management software. As a healthcare project manager who uses project management software, you are 77% more likely to have a successful project, with on-time and on-budget delivery. TempDev’s team of project managers always utilizes project management software to help keep all stakeholders informed. Some of the commonly used project management software used in healthcare are Microsoft Project, Asana, Trello, Smartsheet, and Jira.

The important questions that should be considered when choosing project management software are:

    Benefits and Challenges in Managing Healthcare Projects 

    Healthcare Project Management means you face numerous benefits, but it also has its share of challenges. Here are the top 5 benefits with their counter challenges you’ll face as a Healthcare Project Manager.  

    Regulatory Requirements – Benefits & Challenges 

    You face heavy regulatory requirements. It’s a fact of life as part of the healthcare industry. Those challenges mean that your projects will constantly be competing with regulatory changes that will need to also be prioritized.

    While that’s a potential challenge to your practice, it’s also a benefit that TempDev’s project managers can offer assistance with, as they are able to track the trends that are impacting your organization. As a Healthcare Program Manager, they offer fast-and-reliable insights into healthcare changes, so you can face any regulatory challenge that might arise.  

    Data Backups and Privacy – Benefits & Challenges 

    The statistics of cyberattacks are staggering. Some 93% of healthcare organizations experienced a data breach in the last few years, and more than 57% of organizations experienced more than five breaches. You are vulnerable to cyberattacks, but that also means that you can rely on TempDev’s project managers to ensure backups are regularly occurring so you don't lose critical project work if a data breach were to occur.

    Dependency on External Professional Services – Benefits & Challenges 

    Healthcare project managers depend on the level of expertise and time-tested tools for the successful completion of projects. As a Healthcare Project Manager, you can rely on top talent and the cutting-edge knowledge that’s available from TempDev’s team of EHR and revenue cycle experts. It may be a challenge to find the team you need for all your service needs, but once you find TempDev, you’ll quickly see the difference when you augment your team as needed. If you want cost-effective and efficient professional consulting services, they're the best solution.  

    Cloud-Based vs Other Solutions – Benefits & Challenges 

    Like 93% of organizations, you may have already moved to cloud-based services as a way to improve their service offerings to physicians and patients. With TempDev's project management services you can minimize useability issues by mitigating risks and determining day one impacts prior to go-live with any new services. They ensure plans are in place to reduce risks with deployments of new technology.  

    Methodology – Benefits & Challenges 

    One of the biggest challenges in healthcare project management is the fear of change or the lack of the proper mechanisms that encourage change. It could be the lack of proper communication, the inability to build and foster trust, or an absence of leadership skills that would inspire and motivate your team.  

    With support from TempDev’s team of EHR and revenue cycle experts, you and other Healthcare Project Managers can fix issues systems. They can help you improve the performance and quality of your systems for your organization. You’ll also be able to keep your systems running efficiently with minimal end-user impact.  

    How TempDev Can Help with Your Healthcare Project Management Needs 

    TempDev’s NextGen consultants, developers, and trainers support your Project Management needs, whether you’re looking to implement, switch, or even upgrade your current system. TempDev offers custom development, dashboards, revenue cycle consulting, automation, and workflow redesign. You'll find the tools and resources you need, with top tips and tricks that will ensure your success. 

    Contact us here or by calling us at 888.TEMP.DEV to get the help you need with healthcare project management.


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