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Meet Brandon Jones: NextGen Development Consultant

Meet Brandon Jones: NextGen Development Consultant

Brandon Jones is a NextGen consultant who specializes in template, report, and SQL development who has a passion for helping others. With a Bachelor's degree in Software Development from Southern New Hampshire University, Brandon entered the workforce as a medical transcriptionist. It wasn’t the grandiose, all-things-tech job he had envisioned, but it was his first introduction to healthcare. It was there Brandon learned he could provide top-notch IT services in a field designed to benefit people.  

“I stayed in healthcare because I enjoyed making a difference by providing information and inventive solutions to doctors, nurses, and our clients that allow them to ultimately make better medical decisions for patients.”  Brandon said.

Brandon now has a remarkable thirteen years of healthcare experience under his belt, ten of which have been in consulting. Brandon understands this industry allows him to influence change that improves patient care. It was that belief that led him to TempDev where healthcare clients receive innovative solutions to complicated NextGen EPM & EHR issues.  

Brandon Jones joined TempDev in 2018. Along with being on the development team, he’s well known for his effective training sessions and for assisting onsite with NextGen implementations. He‘s the guy you go to for systematically solving workflow issues. Brandon will show up to a client’s office, including ENTs, OBGYNs, oncologists, allergists, specialists, family practices, pediatricians’ offices, and perform an EHR assessment to understand what is the issue. He gets hands-on with his clients and will help to design solutions to optimize their business including new templates, documents, Microsoft SQL server reporting services (SSRS), and Microsoft Power BI. He shows them how to take their NextGen Healthcare Software to the next level. He works in tandem with clients to design the projects they need to execute to run their businesses smoothly, so they can make the best decisions for their patients and businesses.   

His primary responsibilities include NextGen template, document, SQL, and report development. He works to define the business requirements and technical specifications with TempDev's clients. From there he will perform development based upon those requirements using NextGen Template Editor, NextGen Document Builder, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft SSRS, and Microsoft Power BI. He may not be transcribing medical records anymore, but Brandon is still working with patient records and finding personal value in the service he provides. Development work is his true calling – no matter the client or project type.  

Providing meaningful solutions to his client’s problems makes Brandon enthusiastic about his job. It’s a puzzle he gets to solve, and Brandon is nothing if not solutions-oriented. Out-of-the-box solutions don’t always fit every client or provider's need, but Brandon tackles every project with the same gusto regardless.  

Just recently, Brandon created a new template for a client’s IT department. His template allowed the client to manage provider settings in volume rather than individually. This left them feeling less overwhelmed and improved team productivity. Before Brandon’s involvement, the client was logging into each individual provider to record services or make an update. With Brandon’s keen insight and innovative design, the client can now update multiple providers at once and make selections for multiple services. Brandon is all about creating ingenious shortcuts which please his clients. The new template allowed their IT department to stop performing the same tasks repeatedly and improved employee satisfaction.

It’s not all work and no play for Brandon Jones. When he’s not implementing brilliant new services for his clients, he is spending time with his new son and wife, traveling, or doing arts and crafts. Brandon has taken trips all over the country and has seen some fascinating wonders including Hawaii’s molten-lava volcanoes and crystal-clear oceans. He has stood in awe by a stunning remote lake in the Alaskan wilderness. When asked who inspires him the most, Brandon stated his high school sweetheart, the woman he married. Brandon appreciates that she’s always motivated him to be better at what he does and how he does it. Truly they’re a perfect match, as Brandon has built his career around improving systems and innovating solutions.  

If you’re interested in working with TempDev's NextGen developers like Brandon Jones for your next project, please contact us here or call 888.TEMP.DEV.   


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