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Specialist physicians treat patients when acute or chronic conditions are beyond what a primary care physician would handle. Specialists are an essential part of a patient's integrated care team. A specialist physician must be able to quickly document for their specialty in NextGen EHR and communicate back to the referring physician to maintain a well-run practice. Although a specialist's practice can function using templates designed for primary care physicians, they may be sacrificing time and energy into the documentation that does not fit their needs. Your patients need tests, labs, and procedures that are not standard for all specialties and require that you record and manage your patient data differently in NextGen EHR specialist templates.

TempDev recognizes that ophthalmologists, cardiologists, podiatrists, and ASC surgeons need NextGen EHR templates and tools adapted to their unique needs. That's why partnering with TempDev to develop solutions that are both customized to the specialist's needs and NextGen KBM upgradable is critical to success. TempDev NextGen consultants will streamline workflows and billing processes, saving you time and increasing your revenue streams. Your practice is not general, so your electronic record system shouldn't be either.

NextGen EHR Specialist Templates

NextGen EHR specialist templates are not one-size-fits-all. Unlike other EHR and EMR systems, NextGen templates allow for customization so clients can meet their specific needs. Within NextGen EHR, templates can be customized to reflect your particular specialty needs by adding new fields, removing unnecessary items, and sharing fields to other templates allowing for seamless documentation. Some template customizations may require modifications to SQL stored procedures or other in-depth changes which many internal teams cannot accommodate. While NextGen EHR offers many specialty-specific template sets, items within those may need customization to meet practice distinct needs and workflows. TempDev performs NextGen EHR template development to improve workflows and make charting more straightforward and logical. Physicians shouldn't be forced to use workflows that do not meet their clinical needs.

Customized NextGen EHR Specialist Templates

NextGen offers many pre-existing clinical templates that work "out of the box," but not every specialty and procedure exists in the NextGen Adaptive Content Engine. TempDev's experienced NextGen EHR consultants will help you get the most out of your investment. In addition to utilizing out of the box functionality, our consultants can help you create the following:

NextGen EHR Lab Templates

As a specialist, you may order unique labs for patients and require detailed tracking of results. TempDev understands these needs and has worked with varying specialties to innovate lab templates for ease of ordering, tracking, billing, and completing lab orders. Solutions include ways to track lab tests, automatically place results, pull patient contact data, and communicate lab results to patients or primary care providers. These solutions allow for timely advice to patients and other members of their care team since the data is quickly at the clinical staff's disposal. 

NextGen EHR Procedure Templates

Most specialists have procedures or workflows that do not fit in a standard NextGen KBM template. There are times that completely custom procedure templates are needed for items that do not exist in NextGen. In many specialty clinics, frequently performed procedures must have templates that work for the physician. These are often highly reimbursed and the backbone of the business. Without a NextGen template that documents and charges exactly what is performed, a specialist could be jeopardizing clinical accuracy, compliance, and reimbursements. As an example, TempDev partnered with a Cardiology practice to create Vascular testing and procedure templates with the ability to submit CPT codes as well as created individual documents for all tests. TempDev can work with your team to create a solution for items that do not currently exist within NextGen. 

NextGen EHR Retina Templates

NextGen Ophthalmology templates don't offer the retina clinical content needed to capture for accurate patient documentation. The TempDev NextGen template development team has created specialized solutions to document retinal imaging and procedures. 

NextGen Allergy Templates

Allergy & asthma physicians are critical in diagnosing allergic reactions and controlling asthma for many patients. NextGen's allergy testing templates require capturing multiple data points, and documenting the results can be cumbersome. TempDev has modified these templates to effectively and quickly record allergy testing and reaction results. TempDev has worked with immunologists to develop new templates for asthma control tests, skin testing, immunotherapy, and respiratory treatments. 

NextGen EHR Podiatry Templates

NextGen does not include a podiatry specialty in the KBM, so many podiatrists often use the Orthopedic template suite and have fairly inefficient workflow. Instead of trying to fit documentation into templates not geared towards this specialty, TempDev has created templates to meet the needs of podiatrists that include orthotics, injections, and procedures.

Clinical Research NextGen EHR Templates

Contributing to clinical research is an essential part of our healthcare system. Data integrity and accurate documentation are keys to being important research partners. TempDev has developed dynamic clinical research NextGen EHR templates that allow organizations to create, track, and change multiple research questions over time. Questions can be configured by the practice and available for selection during the target research period. Practices are able to customize the answers so they can place controls in to track research by precise answers and output to reports as needed.

NextGen EHR Surgery Templates

NextGen offers general surgery and procedure templates for physicians, but many specialty surgeons need more detailed clinical documentation to capture what has occurred accurately. TempDev has developed many different surgeon specialty templates using both the ASC and general surgery NextGen templates to include vascular, bariatric, and plastic. These templates include places to document a patient's pre-surgery, surgical findings, and post-surgery needs. Practices need to ensure surgical data is consistent across patients, so creating templates that work well for their physicians is vital.

Hospital Superbill NextGen EHR Templates

Many specialists make rounds in the hospitals consulting with their patients, then bill their hospital consults from their ambulatory system. Once physicians are comfortable using NextGen EHR to bill, using paper superbills that can easily get lost no longer makes sense. Also, hospital billing requirements can vary by insurance and hospital, so providers need to ensure that hospital billing has their correct place of service, location, CPT codes, or any other needs. TempDev consultants have worked with practices to design hospital superbill NextGen EHR templates to capture all the necessary criteria to ensure efficient and accurate billing. 

NextGen Consult Letters

Consult letters are critical to the success of a specialist's business and often drive referrals back to the consulting physician. NextGen's letters often need to be altered to fit the specialist's requirements. This can include additional patient data, removing not pertinent items, or adjusting formatting for a more logical flow. Promptly communicating a patient's plan to the referring physicians is critical to being part of an integrated care team. TempDev has tailored custom consult letters that effectively communicate with medical providers, encouraging better care and future referrals. For an even more automated workflow, consider automatically sending consult letters to every physician on the patient's care team with NextGen Share and Direct Messaging. 

NextGen Clinical SSRS Reports

NextGen EHR specialists need reports that track meaningful data for their practices and patients. These pre-developed NextGen EHR reports include tracking test results, visit types, and encounter specific data needed to track patients throughout their sequence of care. TempDev can also develop specialized reports to meet specific practice needs with Microsoft SSRS or Crystal Reports. The wide range of development resources available allows TempDev to create a truly personalized report for your practice.

Analysis & Attestation Assistance for Quality Programs

Some of the most challenging tasks for specialists are determining what documentation is needed to meet all the varying quality programs like MIPS, HEDIS, PCMH, and Medicaid Meaningful Use. TempDev has created quality dashboards that fit into current workflows for specific patient tracking of regulatory needs, therefore, ensuring practice attestation success. TempDev has certified content experts to assist with understanding your reporting needs, diving into the difficult workflows, and ensuring staff is capturing the appropriate data.

EMR & EHR software has revolutionized the healthcare system, but it doesn't always reflect the specialists' needs and workflows. Fortunately, TempDev can create a custom NextGen EHR toolkit that enhances your workflow and productivity.

The TempDev Advantage

NextGen Healthcare is a leader in EHR & Practice Management software, and TempDev can help you get the most out of these products. The TempDev team will analyze the needs of your practice and recommend the tools that will be most effective for you. They will also help train your staff in NextGen and offer you customized solutions. Whenever you need assistance, TempDev will be there to work for your practice. The medical industry is ever-changing and it's hard for your health record system to keep up. 

In addition, TempDev offers other vital services to their clients. They can provide NextGen billing resources, implementation and project management, workflow redesign, clinical data conversions, and staff augmentation. Whatever your operational difficulty, TempDev can help you meet it through consultation, training, or other clinical solution services.


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