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Switching to Native NexGen for Family Planning with FPAR & Title X

Switching to Native NexGen for Family Planning with FPAR & Title X

NextGen EHR out-of-the-box Family Planning templates in the NextGen Adaptive Content Engine (ACE) can improve your clinic’s productivity and government compliance. As a facility that offers Title X family planning services, you must annually grapple with submitting your Family Planning Annual Report (FPAR) in order to stay compliant. Failure to properly report your services can lead to loss of grant money, which affects your ability to serve your patient community.

As with any government program, staying compliant with regulations can be difficult. Your annual report must follow strict guidelines and requires compiling extensive data and presenting it in an approved fashion. Plus, the regulations can change from year to year, making it difficult to keep up. Creating your own custom report is difficult and time-consuming, especially when you have so many other regulations and difficulties to navigate, not to mention providing excellent patient care.

Luckily, you do have options. You can simplify this reporting procedure, saving your facility time and money, if you switch from custom templates and reports to native NextGen’s templates and reports for your FPAR. You will be better able to accurately report your data while staying compliant with government regulations. Plus, filing this report will no longer be stressful for you and your employees. 

The Annual Report and Family Planning Templates

Your FPAR responsibilities are written in stone. The reporting requirement is for all family planning services delivery projects that are funded by the Population Research and Voluntary Family Planning Programs. All Title X family planning services grantees must submit this data so that the federal government can monitor and report program effectiveness and regulatory compliance. 

The data demands are extensive. You must include information on an individual’s treatment while protecting their confidentiality. The required data includes the total number of program users, encounters, and other “outputs” from the Title X-funded project. You must not duplicate any of the information while providing an in-depth and accurate account of your patient services for the year. Completing the report can feel like an overwhelming task to complete.

Fortunately, help is out there. Your task of gathering and reporting the information will be far less complicated when you use NextGen EHR and the Family Planning templates within ACE. NextGen has created family planning templates that have all the required data capture built into your provider's workflows so they don't need to do duplicative data entry just to meet reporting requirements. They are able to focus on patient care knowing that the critical data elements will automatically be able to be reported on once they chart the patient visit. The NextGen Title X reports, written in Microsoft SSRS, automatically pick up these data elements so you can accurately report.

How Family Planning Templates Work

Deciphering the report requirements can take days. The Office of Population Affairs (OPA) posts pages of instructions on FPAR and offers a site dedicated to accepting this data. Despite this glut of information, or perhaps because of it, creating a report each year is complicated and confusing if you do-it-yourself or work with a third party not adept in native NextGen workflows. You will be more successful and less pressured when you use the NextGen Family Planning templates and reports.

TempDev has assisted NextGen in developing the Family Planning templates, FPAR, and Title X reporting tools specifically for family planning clinics such as Planned Parenthoods and FQHCs. These reports accurately gather information from across your systems and present it in an easy-to-understand form, saving your team countless hours of data gathering and reviewing. Once you have this system in place, you will feel confident that you can meet your yearly report obligation without a struggle and without becoming mired in OPA material. You will wrestle less with reporting requirements and more time focusing on patient care, something that is desperately needed now. 

Preparing for Family Planning Templates

Everyone wants the best technology, but upgrading to a new set of templates can be an issue. You may shy away from upgrades because you have had difficulties in the past. Sometimes, these changes can cause confusion for your team and slow your workflow to a crawl. It may be days before the bugs are worked out and your employees feel comfortable with the system. These problems can lead you to cling to outdated systems. But improving your system and moving to native NextGen content does not have to be painful.

TempDev can prepare you for an improved FPAR experience by helping you upgrade your EHR and EPM systems. We will support you as you plan, test, and validate your NextGen EPM & EHR upgrade. You will not waste time, because the TempDev team comes prepared with best practices, checklists, training material, data conversion scripts, test scripts, and risk mitigation plans. This preparation means you will experience a seamless conversion to NextGen KBM Family Planning templates and the mapping of legacy template data.

The TempDev Advantage

Your yearly FPAR experience should not be a difficult one, filled with frenzied data gathering, difficult to use and outdated templates, and last-minute changes to your reports. Let TempDev help you upgrade your system and implement NextGen Family Planning templates. We offer a smooth transition as well as enhanced accuracy. You will be able to stay Title-X compliant with less effort and less stress. 

The TempDev team is comprised of highly trained and experienced health information technology NextGen consultants who understand all aspects of your data and reporting needs. When you partner with TempDev, you get the benefit of their collective knowledge, which puts you far ahead in the technology game.

For more information on FPAR and EHR and EPM upgrades, contact TempDev today by filling out the convenient online form, calling 1-888-TEMPDEV, or emailing info@tempdev.com. Your next year's FPAR can be a much better experience.


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