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What is a Data Conversion?

What is a Data Conversion?

Data conversion transforms data from one format to another. Clinical data conversion is usually needed when transferring Electronic Health Record (EHR) data or Electronic Practice Management (EPM) data from one system to another. It is recommended to undergo a data conversion process if you change EHR systems. Likewise, your practice may need to convert data shared by hospitals and other practices into a format suitable for your EHR system.  Data conversions can be complex, particularly when migrating between EHR systems. Patients depend on your data systems being accurate and up-to-date, leaving little room for error. Any migration between EHR systems must ensure that no data elements are lost, corrupted, or incorrectly mapped. Your practice must map each existing data element to its new format, transform the data, and then test and evaluate the transformation to ensure it is accurate. 

What Are the Benefits of Data Conversions?

Data conversion can have many benefits for your practice and your patients. Many EHR systems, including NextGen, can replace legacy EHR and practice management. Data conversions can help you consolidate your legacy data into one place, reducing duplication, data errors, and billing issues. Data conversion can also improve the quality of your data, making it easier to track patient outcomes and report quality metrics. Your practice can also use data conversion to incorporate data shared by other providers and health systems into your EHRs. Data sharing improves care coordination and ensures your practice has a complete patient record. When you import shared data into your EHR system, you can reduce duplicative testing, improve diagnoses, and manage your patients' care more easily.  

How TempDev Can Help with Data Conversions

If your practice is switching to NextGen from another EHR system, consolidating legacy systems, or struggling with data sharing, TempDev can help. TempDev's expert NextGen developers can build data maps, prepare your data for conversion, migrate your data, and validate the results.    Call us at 888.TEMP.DEV or contact us here to get started with your data conversion project.


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