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How TempDev Has Prepped NextGen EHR for Monkeypox Vaccines

How TempDev Has Prepped NextGen EHR for Monkeypox Vaccines

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Monkeypox has spread to nearly all states, and the Biden Administration has declared a national public health emergency. Thankfully, there are already two monkeypox vaccines available. JYNNEOS, the preferred monkeypox vaccine, requires two doses and is currently in limited supply. The ACAM2000 vaccine may be an appropriate alternative vaccine for some individuals.     As supplies of these vaccines increase, more practices will be able to offer monkeypox vaccination. If your practice plans to offer the vaccines, now is the time to prepare your NextGen EHR. With a few EHR updates and templates, you can be ready to deliver, track, and bill for monkeypox vaccines with ease. Here is how TempDev can help prepare your NextGen EHR for monkeypox vaccines. 

TempDev Can Update Your NextGen EHR to Chart and Bill for Monkeypox Vaccines

Your NextGen EHR needs to be populated with three types of codes to document and bill for monkeypox vaccines. National Drug Codes, or NDCs, identify FDA-approved pharmaceuticals. Similarly, CVX codes are developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to identify vaccine products. Finally, the American Medical Association (AMA) has developed Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes to document and bill for vaccine administration.   

You will need to update your NextGen EHR system to incorporate the NDC, CVX, and CPT codes for monkeypox vaccine administration. NextGen's latest Medication Module update will populate your EHR with the correct codes. You will also need to add the correct monkeypox CPT codes to your Service Item (SIM) Library.   

TempDev can help your practice configure your NextGen EHR to meet monkeypox vaccine billing requirements and prevent claim denials. TempDev's developers and consultants configure NextGen to add CPT codes to your SIM Library and help you develop efficient billing workflows for monkeypox vaccine administration. 

TempDev Developed a NextGen Monkeypox Vaccine Clinic Template

Monkeypox vaccination is a vital public service. Your practice can increase your vaccine throughput by streamlining your processes to chart and bill for monkeypox vaccines. TempDev's NextGen EHR Monkeypox Vaccine Clinic Template can help you document vaccines without opening individual patient charts. With the template, you can chart and bill for vaccines with just a few clicks per patient.   

TempDev developed the NextGen EHR Monkeypox Vaccine Clinic Template with busy practices in mind. The template walks your vaccine clinic staff through everything they need to quickly and safely vaccinate patients. The built-in allergy review and vaccine screening checklist help identify potential contraindications. In addition, the template ensures your staff members gather everything you need to bill for monkeypox vaccines and administration. With proper documentation, your practice can reduce claims denials and speed up reimbursement.    

The Monkeypox Vaccine Clinic Template also works seamlessly with NextGen's Vaccine Inventory and Immunization Registry Interfaces. With these NextGen tools, you can track your vaccine supply and report vaccinations to the appropriate public health authority. The template also helps you set follow-up appointments for the second dose of the JYNNEOS vaccine.  

The template can help your practice vaccinate more patients faster and play a crucial role in ending the monkeypox public health emergency. It mirrors TempDev's popular Flu Vaccine Clinic Template for easy implementation and training, and simplifies your workflows to increase vaccination throughput. 

TempDev's Consultants Can Help You Set Up Your Vaccine Clinic

TempDev can help your practice set up your monkeypox vaccine clinic for success. TempDev's expert consultants can help you design vaccination workflows to maximize patient flow without sacrificing quality. For example, our consultants can help you configure the NextGen Patient Portal to allow patients to self-schedule monkeypox vaccination appointments. This approach saves your front desk time and improves patient satisfaction. The patient portal can also send automated reminders for second dose appointments.   

In addition, TempDev can help you redesign workflows to get more out of your vaccine inventory. With the NextGen Vaccine Inventory Solution, your practice can track inventory across all your sites. Using this tool, you can adjust supplies across sites to meet demand. TempDev can also help you integrate the Vaccine Inventory Solution into your workflows and train your staff to track and manage vaccine supply seamlessly.   

Finally, TempDev can help your practice write NextGen reports to identify high-risk patients who may be eligible for monkeypox vaccination. With proactive outreach, your practice can help slow the spread of monkeypox and keep your patients healthy.   

TempDev Also Offers a Monkeypox Lab Testing Clinic Template 

If your practice is testing for monkeypox in addition to administering vaccines, TempDev has the template you need. The NextGen EHR Monkeypox Lab Testing Clinic Template helps you document, submit, result, and bill for monkeypox testing in just a few clicks per patient. You can log symptoms and add test results directly in the template, without opening individual patients' charts. Like the Monkeypox Vaccine Clinic Template, the Lab Testing Template simplifies your workflows so you can serve more patients.   

How TempDev Can Help Prepare Your EHR for Monkeypox Vaccines

TempDev's expert consultants, developers, and trainers specialize in NextGen EHR and EPM systems. Whether you need help setting up your vaccine clinic or preparing your NextGen EHR, TempDev has the solution. From customized support to the NextGen EHR Monkeypox Vaccine Clinic Template, TempDev has what you need to chart and bill for monkeypox vaccines. With monkeypox spreading rapidly and vaccine supplies increasing, now is the time to get your NextGen EHR ready. TempDev is here to help you vaccinate more patients in less time.   

Call us at 888.TEMP.DEV or contact us here for help getting your NextGen EHR ready for to administer monkeypox vaccinations.


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