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How Does Remote Patient Monitoring Work Successfully?

How Does Remote Patient Monitoring Work Successfully?

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There are lots of reasons that remote patient monitoring is trending this year! You're witnessing a transformation in healthcare, with a forecast for spending projected to reach $8.3 trillion by 2040. A huge part of that change involves more personalized healthcare experiences and technological breakthroughs. Front-and-center in many of these evolutions is the reality that remote patient monitoring is and will be more essential than ever before.  However, many organizations, they're asking the question how does remote patient monitoring work successfully for my care teams?

Given the realities of this transformation, you need to understand how to plan for and implement a successful remote patient monitoring (RPM) program. TempDev's EHR experts are here to support your RPM initiative from start to finish, but first, we should explore the key components of a successful remote patient monitoring program.  

Combine Solutions to Maximize Efficiency 

Remote patient monitoring works because you're able to integrate a variety of medical devices, wearables, and mobile apps into one solution. To achieve the best possible results, you need to make your patient engagement strategy front-and-center.  

The goal is to continue to follow up with and engage with your patients via your patient portal, telehealth platform, and remote patient monitoring vendor, even after they return home. With your support, they will be better able to connect and realize the full benefits of your RPM system as your technological approach evolves

Establish New Best Practices 

Remote patient monitoring is a learning process for you and your team, as well as for your patients. It won't always work perfectly, but you will learn from your mistakes, and you can establish best practices to avoid those snafus in the future.  

With testing, optimization, and continued support, you'll develop better ways to engage with your audience. As you establish best practices, your services will improve. With TempDev's NextGen EHR Quality Measures Dashboard Template, you can track your progress on quality measures as ongoing patient care improves. 

Implement Connected & Integrated Care Services 

As you work to implement connected and integrated care services, you'll need to determine which software solutions will best support your remote patient monitoring system needs. You can connect and engage with your patients via RPM technology, but it's also a way to ensure they are receiving more integrated care solutions.   

At TempDev, we also assist with integrating options to support your RPM program within your EHR and practice management system. So, you can streamline your services and support to deliver the high-quality, personalized, and reliable care your patients expect and need. You're able to support better communication and analytics, which ensures better patient satisfaction while easing the pressure on medical professionals who are already overbooked and reaching burnout.  

Start Simple 

Remote patient monitoring allows you to offer easily digestible content and advice, so you can support your patient's needs no matter where they are in the healthcare process. TempDev's NextGen EHR provides access to templates, resources, and support options. You're also able to offer a range of other simple yet powerful solutions that will allow your patients to interface with their care team as you focus on critical care issues.  

With 120 million people visiting emergency rooms every year, you aren't likely to see a shortage of patients who need monitoring services. To fully take advantage of remote patient monitoring, though, you and your patients should embrace how simple it can be to make this program a success.  

Share Information & Support Accessibility 

Remote patient monitoring is a powerful tool for you and your patients. It not only saves time and money but also allows you to take advantage of better support accessibility options. Your patients often need immediate, real-time updates. They need to engage with their care team, but they also need to understand how empowering it can be.  

TempDev's consultants help NextGen support greater accessibility to patients. Remote patient monitoring tools ensure better health and safety measures for patients while relieving them of the financial burden of a full clinical visit. That's why RPM programs are the best, most cost-effective way to offer health maintenance care. It's also streamlined and patient-centric, which relieves patients of the disruption and uncertainty associated with appointments, travel, schedule changes, and the realities of life outside of a medical condition. 

How TempDev Can Help Show You How Remote Patient Monitoring Work Successfully 

TempDev's NextGen consultants, developers, and trainers can help better support your patients with remote patient monitoring tools and technologies. From dashboards to automation and workflow redesign, TempDev helps you configure your NextGen EPM and EHR systems so you can process the data from RPM devices.  

Beyond supporting patient engagement and satisfaction, TempDev's consultants can work with you to redesign your workflow and create reports and templates to improve the user experience. Our goal is to help support your needs while preventing data overload. Look at the RPM services we offer, but also reach out to learn more about the custom options that will help you make your remote patient monitoring program a success.   

Contact us here or by calling us at 888.TEMP.DEV to talk through how does remote patient monitoring work successfully at your practice.


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