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Top EHR Vendors in 2022

Top EHR Vendors in 2022

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An EHR system is a big investment. Your practice needs an EHR that you can work with for the long term. But the number of choices in today’s EHR market can seem overwhelming.  Don’t get discouraged, get informed. Here are the top EHR vendors for 2022.

Top EHR Vendors 2022: Ambulatory Care

KLAS Research named NextGen Healthcare’s NextGen Enterprise EHR the best ambulatory EHR for small and medium-sized practices in 2021. The NextGen system focuses exclusively on ambulatory practices.  Its user-friendly design gives your practice everything you need to manage your patients’ care. Plus, NextGen Enterprise EHR is customizable. Your practice can create templates and reports to fit your needs. With the NextGen Background Business Processor and Practice Management suite, you can also streamline and automate billing tasks to save you time and increase revenue. NextGen Healthcare also recently topped the list in the KLAS Comprehensive Ambulatory Platforms 2021 report.

For larger practices, Epic Systems Corporations’ EpicCare Ambulatory EMR is a highly-rated choice from the top EHR vendor by volume. According to the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT, 30 percent of ambulatory practices used an Epic Systems EHR in 2014. Epic is also the top vendor for hospital EHRs. If your practice is closely integrated with a hospital system, choosing the EpicCare Ambulatory EMR may simplify data integration.

Top EHR Vendors 2022: Hospital

Over 96 percent of hospitals have an EHR system in place. Epic Systems Corporations’ EpicCare Inpatient remains the top choice for hospitals. With a 31 percent market share in 2020, EpicCare Inpatient is the most popular hospital EHR. If your practice works closely with hospital systems, you may need to share data with an Epic Systems EHR. KLAS Research named EpicCare Inpatient the best acute-care EMR for large hospitals in 2021.

For smaller community hospitals, MEDITECH Expanse Acute Care EMR is also a top-rated choice. In 2021, MEDITECH served 16 percent of the acute care hospital market.

Top EHR Vendors 2022: Specialty

Specialty EHRs serve the unique needs of specialized practices. For pediatric practices, PCC EHR is a highly-rated option. PCC EHR focuses on the unique challenges of caring for pediatric patients in an outpatient setting.

EHR vendors have also developed specialized products for health care settings outside of the traditional inpatient and outpatient distinctions. For example, MEDITECH has developed a Home Health EHR to serve home health providers and their patients. MatrixCare Home Health EHR is another highly-rated option in this space. For behavioral health, the Cerner Millenium Behavioral Health EHR can help keep behavioral health offices and clinics on track.

Top EHR Vendors 2022: Practice Management

Practice management software works alongside your EHR to handle key practice management tasks like appointments and billing. An integrated EHR and Practice Management system can help your practice streamline workflows and improve efficiency. Practice Management software can reduce the time your practice spends on booking appointments, submitting claims, and following up.

Practice Management software often includes a patient portal or similar feature to help patients get access to their data. Patient portals, like the NextGen Patient Portal (formerly MedFusion), can let patients book appointments, pay their bills online, view treatment plans, and follow up with their providers. Patient portals give your patients around-the-clock access to their medical records and key information. These tools can save your staff time while also boosting patient satisfaction and overall health.

Practice Management and Billing software solutions also help your practice submit claims for reimbursement. This software pulls diagnosis and procedure codes directly from your EHR for simple, easy claims processing. Systems like NextGen also let you automate simple billing processes so your staff has more time to focus on complex problems like claims denials.

In 2021, KLAS Research named NextGen Healthcare’s NextGen Practice Management the best choice for small to medium practices. The NextGen Enterprise EHR integrates seamlessly with NextGen Practice Management so you can run the clinical and business aspects of your practice all in one place.   Plus, since NextGen focuses only on ambulatory practices, the EHR and Practice Management system is ready to use for office visits and billing with minimal customization.

For large practices that work closely with hospitals, Epic Systems Corporation’s Epic Resolute/Prelude/Cadence Ambulatory Practice Management System is another highly-rated choice.

Contact TempDev for More Details on Top EHR Vendors 2022

TempDev specializes in installing, customizing, and supporting NextGen Enterprise EHR and Practice Management systems. If your practice is considering a new EHR system in 2022, contact TempDev today. Their consultants and developers can help you find and customize the right solution for your practice. Plus, TempDev has dozens of pre-configured NextGen templatesdashboards, and reports to help you get started with your NextGen Enterprise EHR and Practice Management system.

Call us at 888.TEMP.DEV or contact us here to get started finding a top EHR vendor for your practice in 2022.


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