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Meet Rachelle Wheeler: NextGen Project Manager at TempDev

Meet Rachelle Wheeler: NextGen Project Manager at TempDev

Rachelle Wheeler, Project Manager at TempDev, approaches both life and work as one big adventure. She has always approached her career with new challenges to tackle and succeeded at each one: from learning the complex world of NextGen in the field, to becoming a NextGen revenue cycle expert, to understanding the intricacies of MIPS, PCMH, and every other regulatory program CMS throws her way. There is no challenge Rachelle doesn't crush.

A lover of being active in the great outdoors, you can find Rachelle golfing, paddle boarding, and playing with her two dogs, LaLa and Cooper. “I live in a big golf area, so I golf a lot and jump at the chance at being outside with the dogs at any time.” 

LaLa is named after Puerto Rican TV personality LaLa Anthony, and Cooper’s name just matched his personality. If she’s not taking in the outside air, she’s probably tie-dying a t-shirt or prepping a Jambalaya dinner, one of her favorite complicated dishes to make at home. A good Southern dinner reminds her of home, Louisiana, where she's from.

Her zest for new experiences helped her career at a student travel organization. There she began building the project management skills that would later lead her to success at TempDev, where she’s been since 2013. She credits her long tenure at TempDev to the powerful sense of community she has found among her colleagues. 

“The camaraderie that we’ve gained even though we all work in completely separate states across the US is incredible. We’re a family even though we maybe only see each other once a year.”

In her time at TempDev, she has worked her way up from an executive admin, to an Implementation Consultant, to a Project Manager. In addition to illustrating her tenacity and work ethic, these promotions have given her a holistic understanding of NextGen technology, a great asset in her current dream role. Project management is something she’s been working towards her entire early career, and she was elated to reach this goal at TempDev. 

Today, she ensures that a client’s NexGen instance complies with government regulations and makes the process worry-free. She’s an expert in all things regulatory, including PCMH, MACRA, and HEDIS. This expertise is built on a strong foundation in the business side of healthcare, which she began building in her previous role in business merchandizing. 

When paired with her regulatory expertise and her deep understanding of NextGen EPM & EHR, her infectious positive energy makes her a favorite amongst TempDev’s client base. She’s always able to relate to MA’s and providers and is known for providing high quality, hands-on project management and training for her clients. Her team describes her as personal, empathetic, and fun to be around.

As part of her regulatory focus, Rachelle consults on many projects for billing and practice management , as well as quality of payment program (QPP). 

“As an implementation consultant, I did a lot of training analysis and built a lot of workflows, which really helped me get close to clients' needs. As I grew, I became an NCQA Certified Content Expert and worked with PCMH clients to gain recognition into that quality program.”

Rachelle Wheeler is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with extensive experience implementing and managing a project from start to finish. One of her (and TempDev's) proudest professional moments was passing her PMP on the first try and being able to put it to good use.

Her suite of certifications came in handy when an association of physicians and health care professionals in California needed support for a large NextGen upgrade. The project entailed implementation, project management, and training.

“The group and the team were just great during this project from start to finish. Because it was an extremely custom project, it entailed a lot of analysis that took a lot of additional training and testing of their system prior to being on-site with them. We got to work closely hand-in-hand with the client which just made this one so special. I loved working with them and we just felt like the same team.” 

The personal touch she brings to each project has TempDev clients requesting Rachelle Wheeler on an ongoing basis. She still keeps in touch with clients from that project and works with them frequently on site.

If you’re seeking a personable project manager who can also approach your regulatory needs with an equal measure of care and efficiency, you’ll find Rachelle Wheeler of TempDev ready and willing to help. Contact TempDev here to talk through how Rachelle can assist on your next project.


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