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CreditFlow: Easily Address NextGen Credit Balances

CreditFlow: Easily Address NextGen Credit Balances

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Not managing credit balances within NextGen EPM makes it difficult to balance your books and know your financial exposure. Clean NextGen credit balances up with ease using TempDev's newest product: CreditFlow. With CreditFlow, you can improve your revenue cycle team's workflow by tracking and addressing patient and insurer credit balances faster.

Here is how CreditFlow was designed to help your organization easily flow through managing credit balances.

TempDev's New Credit Balances Tool

Credit balances from patient overpayments, payer errors, and posting issues can wreak havoc on your accounting processes. Identifying credit balances and separating the errors from the true credits due is a time-consuming task. With possibly thousands of credit balances to clear, it can also be challenging to meet state-mandated patient refund timelines. That is why TempDev developed a new CreditFlow as a new tool to utilize with NextGen EPM. Utilizing Credit Dash, Credit Queue, and Patient Autoflow within CreditFlow will help you identify and clear credit balances with ease. The long-term health of your business depends on balanced books and accurate revenue recognition. CreditFlow can help you get there. With CreditFlow, you can:

    Here are the details on TempDev's three Credit Flow tools that will help you stay on top of credit balances.

    Credit Dash Provides High-Level Credit Balance Overview

    Credit Dash gives you a dashboard view of all credit balances in one place. You can view total line counts and total amounts of credit balances, helping you quickly see the scope of your credit balance problem. You can also identify total patient and insurance credit balances, as well as balance control issues.

    Credit balances can be due to true overpayments by patients and insurers that need to be refunded or posting errors, and Credit Dash can help you start to differentiate the balances. Credit Dash helps you get an overview of your credit balances, including how the credit balance came to be. For example, it shows total line item counts and dollar amounts categorized by types, including voided charges with payments, adjustments greater than the charge amount, payments greater than the charge amount, and $0 charges with payments. You can also see whether insurance or patients paid for the service resulting in a credit balance.

    TempDev's Credit Dash is the starting point for clearing up your NextGen credit balances. Your executive team will also love it because you can quickly see what your risk is.

    CreditFlow Credit Dash

    NextGen Credit Balance Worklist: Credit Queue

    TempDev's Credit Queue identifies patients, accounts, and encounters with credit balances in NextGen EPM. You can see the details of each encounter's credit balance and sort by and filter key fields, including:

      Credit Queue is your task list for clearing NextGen credit balances. This worklist will allow you to go into Patient Autoflow and quickly clear the balances. 

      Credit Queue also lets you filter credit balances, so you can focus on problem areas and allow groups of billers to only work on specific types. For example, you can filter by credit balance category, payer, location, or provider. This dynamic filtering function can help you better manage workloads, such as working Medicare & Medicaid credit balances first. It also allows you to clear significant credit balances first. With the information Credit Queue provides, you can also address upstream problems that create excessive credit balances before they happen. With TempDev's CreditFlow, you can make your practice more efficient.

      You can also create batches, view existing batches, auto-balance, and send batches to the NextGen BBP to post. Quickly generate NextGen tasks, assign them to other users, and track completion. Credit Queue will also let you escalate issues within your NextGen EPM. That way, you can raise problems to the manager or senior biller's attention seamlessly, helping you address issues more quickly.

      CreditFlow Credit Queue

      Work NextGen Credit Balances with Patient Autoflow

      TempDev's Patient Autoflow is your NextGen credit balance workspace. You can work individual credit balances, all in one place, without accessing multiple screens. Patient Autoflow is designed to give your NextGen billers critical information about your credit balances and help them flow through the action they need to take.

      With Patient Autoflow, you can see critical information about accounts and patients with NextGen credit balances. Patient Autoflow puts information about insurance, bad debt, upcoming appointments, work log tasks, and budget plans all in one place. You can view credit balances either by encounter or account, helping you see both encounter details and the bigger picture.

      Armed with detailed information, you can then use Patient Autoflow to take action to clear your credit balances. Without leaving the Patient Autoflow tool, you can add payments, post adjustments, or request refunds. You can also move balances between encounters.

      CreditFlow Patient Autoflow

      The TempDev Difference

      If you need help addressing NextGen EPM credit balances, TempDev’s experts are here for you. Stop by TempDev’s virtual booth at the NextGen UGM 2020 between Monday, November 9th, and Thursday, November 12th to see a demo of our new Credit Flow tools. Or, contact us today to schedule a demo at your convenience.

      Call us at 888.TEMP.DEV, or contact us here to learn more about Credit Flow or our other time-saving NextGen EPM & NextGen EHR products and services. 


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